Pentecostal Tracts

Issues in Pentecostalism and Charismatics Tracts

[T01] Why I’m Not Pentecostal/Charismatic (Cox)
[T02] Spirit Baptism in the Holy Spirit (Cox)
[T03] Kundalini Yoga and Speaking in Tongues (Cox)
[T04] Modern Speaking in Tongues (Cox)
[T05] Women Preachers(Cox)
[T06] Who Am I to Command God? (Cox)
[T07] The Word of Faith Movement (Cox)
[T08] Benny Hinn (Cox)
[T09] Why we don’t use Cells (Cox)
[T10] G12 Cellular Vision (Cell Group Movement from Columbia) (Cox)
[T11] Does God want me Sick? (Cox)
[T12] Laying on of Hands (Cox)
[T13] Liberation from Demons (Cox)
[T14] Mystery Religions (Cox)
[T15] Are we saved from sickness? (Cox)
[T16] Miracles: Product or cause of faith? (Cox)
[T17] The Secret (Boanerge)
[T18] The Salvation of Jehovah (Boanerge)

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