Chuck Smith and the Calvary Chapel Movement

Chuck Smith and the Calvary Chapel Movement

Problems with Calvary Chapel Movement
By David Cox

The Calvary Chapel movement was built around Chuck Smith, now deceased. The CC movement was built around this pastor, and there are over 1500 churches related to Smith’s church. The movement is very strong in believing in the inspiration of Scripture.

Non-Cessationist position

The principal thing that I see wrong from the beginning is that they do not believe in the cessation of spiritual gifts. So essentially they are still within the Pentecostal mindset. Chuck Smith came out of the Pentecostal movement by the way.


min 50 – One of their leaders works closely with Billy Graham organization.

min 33 – Denounces Emergent Church as being liberal. (Good!)

min 37 – Speaks well of Billy Graham.

Spiritual Abuse ** a lot of information

A good amount of research put forth.

Why so many are departing Calvary Chapel Movement?

Calvary Chapel Confusion


Rock Music as new worship Style

I got this from

Many who attended Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa in the past under the leadership of Pastor Chuck Smith are wondering what changes to expect now that a new generation is at the helm. The following video clip of “worship” at the Cornwall, England Creationfest in the summer of 2013 sanctioned by the new leadership of CCCM should provide a clear answer to that question.

This proves that you can put Christian words of a hymn to trash Rock music and it is still trashy Rock music! The amazing thing about this video is that people actually think this is worship?????

CC view towards Islam 17 studies (click on the drop down box to select them).