Documentary: Mexicos Drug War (Warning:violence)

This video is a BBC documentary about Mexico’s Drug war.

This is a more feet-on-the-ground type of video documentary about life in this drug infested country. Note that it is common in Mexico for the “bad guys” to have police uniforms and documents, even military uniforms and guns, and they are not. So you don’t know who is who. People stop you, or want to stop you, you don’t have a whole lot of options, run the blockade and get shot at, or stop and maybe worse.

Also, note that the Mexican culture (music) is woven into the drug culture.  This has entered into the TV afternoon soap operas also and Mexican movies. The drug cartels give away a lot of money to local people to gain their loyalty. The war is as difficult in the media as is on the ground with guns.

On a national level, there are hundreds of thousands of people that go missing in Mexico, and nobody knows why. Some get caught up in the drug world, and they don’t have communications with their family to protect their family. But quickly they get killed by rival drug cartels or by the very people they work for if something goes wrong. Others get caught up in the movements and wars, and just disappear also, being killed and disposed of “quietly.”

Mexico is second only to Iraq as far as people killing journalists that report the things going on.

Report on the Zeta Drug Cartel

WARNING: very graphic!