Drone video shows collapsed roof of Tuxtepec Cathedral

Drone video viewing a collapsed Cathedral

This is a piece of news that I found. It is a Catholic church cathedral that had the roof fall in on itself, killing 3 people. While I don’t necessary follow this kind of thing, the video on this page has a drone view of the church. Nice!

Drone Video


The neat thing here is how the drone comes in from above the fallen in cathedral. They removed the majority of the roof that had fallen. These drones are really amazing in the videos and photos that they come up with. Makes a person want one.

Anyway, I ask myself the question when I see this news item, that the roof fell in on the congregation in the Catholic church, and I ask myself, why do Catholics need cathedrals? It is because that is what impresses upon them that they are in the house of God.

But the tabernacle was in the desert in a tent essentially. God’s presence is not measured by the awe that you feel, but by the orthodoxy of what is being done. Scripture imposed over actions and actitudes is what brings the spirit of God upon a group to make it the house of God.