More asylum seekers in Mexico

More asylum seekers in Mexico is an article in an English news source in Mexico about the rising number of immigrants trying to get into the US but staying in Mexico.

For many, Mexico is becoming a destination rather than a transit country.

In 5 months, 41,000 migrants have sought asylum in Mexico, 16 more than in all of last year

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The Mexican Commission for Refugee Assistance (Comar) registered 41,195 applications for asylum in the first five months of the year, 16 more than in all of 2020, when migration fell due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The figure is 68% higher than that recorded in 2019, when Comar received 24,551 requests between January and May. New records for asylum applications were set in March, April and May this year with more than 9,000 requests in each month….

“We’re seeing statistics that are going to exceed the historic record of 80,000 refugees [in one year],”…

While President Joe Biden completely works against the established law on immigrants in the United States, he miscalculates tremendously what he is doing, and the effect he is causing around the world. People in other countries understand that he is publicly lying and privately holding the immigration door wide open. I present a few musing here from my point of view as a missionary.

First of all, Biden and the Democrats appear to believe that because of what they are doing (giving free access to entry into the US and citizenship and voting rights as well as a lot of public assistance) that these immigrants are going to vote for the Democrats. I know for a fact that some of them, such as those coming from Communist and Socialist countries are exactly the opposite. They understand what Biden and the Democrats are doing because it happened to them in Cuba, Venezuela, Chile, North Korean, China, Russia, etc. They will fight the dragging of the United States into Communist tooth and nail.

While a lot of people are not so dyed in the wool as to which side they will tilt towards if they get into the US, people in third world countries have a lot of contempt for their own governments back home, and that is carried over when they enter the US.

Secondly, this open door immigration policy has a lot of consequences beyond the US. For example, in this article, people try to go all the way into the US, but fail. Nobody seems to be crossing the Mexico-United States border these days without paying the drug cartels to take them across. On the Mexican side of the border, these cartels give a pass (like a plastic wrist ID given to patients in a hospital) and what is lacking from the US Border patrol, these cartels make up. They are thorough and intensively sweeping the Mexican side of the border, and they make sure that nobody gets near the border without one of these passes from them, and that it is a recent pass.

How do you get one of these passes? That changes daily, but the last I heard it cost $13,000 US dollars for 1 month. If you don’t get across in that month, there is a small fee, I think $100 dollars, and you get a second month. But without one of these passes that is still good, you are likely to get beat up and put on a bus to some city away from the border and try again!

So these illegals know this very shortly after getting near to the border, and end up either in Mexican public refugee hospices or as homeless in Mexican border cities. Without money to go further and cross the border, then many decide to just stay in Mexico instead (probably thinking try later in a year or so when conditions are different and when they have saved some money). But news flash, the economy in Mexico stinks, and has stunk for years now. So “getting a job” in some border city in Mexico is not likely, unless you want to sell gum in the street, and doing that you probably can buy a meal a day with what you earn. Sleep on the street though.

So how does this affect things? First of all, Trump had a good deal going to pay Mexico to put up camps for these people so they can wait in Mexico for their immigration court day (2 years away from when they apply). The key factor here is that the US was paying Mexico to provide food for these people in these camps. Mexico liked that a lot. Biden killed everything Trump. So that hurts Mexico. Listening Kamala Harris? This is what you would learn if you ever got to the border and if you would do your job!

So there is a growing burden that Biden is placing on Mexico. Beyond food and bed, these people want jobs, and there are not many jobs in these border areas any more. Because of the cartels infighting, the area around south Texas is a war zone. There is a non-curfew at dark. I say non-curfew because nobody is saying there is a curfew, but if you are out after dark, you are likely to get shot by these cartels. The only people running around after dark is pizza delivery guys and such like them. Drug stores deliver also so that is how people live near the US border. In constant fear. This situation has been fomented directly by the Democrats using the California illegal situation as the magnet to draw things into chaos there.

Note that there is a budding slave and prostitution industry in California, and forced child labor crisis. All of this is because Biden is opening the door to the cartels to move their people into California in these illicit industries. If the border patrol is doing their constitutional duty, and Biden gets off their back, they restrict this. We are not stopping helpless people in a horrible war situation from coming in, we are stopping cartels from enslaving people in California sweat shops and prostitution rings.

But fourthly, Biden’s immigration policies and practices are creating a huge threat to the United States security. If you understand the immigration situation, then you understand that these people are not entering the US legally, but illegally. Their identities are made up, fake. They are not real people in a sense.

I have personally known a few dozen people over the years of being a missionary in Mexico that have entered the US illegally. Back 30 years ago one family crossed in south Texas, and they had to walk like 4 days in the desert. Their feet were swollen, and they basically should have gone to a hospital after it all. Illegal completely. No papers. Then they went to Kentucky, and married and are now American citizens (Democrats). Then they wanted their parents to come up a few years later. The elderly mother came up first, and she was one of four in a regular car, and pretended to be asleep when they crossed the border check points.

What amazes me is that the border patrol, immigration officers are bribed at their homes, and then when these people pay the coyote (the cartel person who is paid by the illegals) he crosses in the car before them and just smiles at the immigration officer (whom he paid off last night at his house) and the car or two behind that guy gets through. Show the officer a JC Penny credit card and he accepts it as if it was a US passport.

Now a days since all the mines in Mexico are closing up, those miners are digging literally hundreds and hundreds of narco tunnels under the border. These are used for the illegal immigration smuggling.

So what happens here that is so dangerous? First of all, to get across, these people have an industry and teach the illegals how to do this. They make fake Mexican documents (or whatever country they want to be from) and these are used in the US. They are given fake US documents also, like a driver’s license, birth certificate, high school graduation diploma etc. Very good from what people tell me. There is actually a street in LA where these people park a WV van with a photocopier in it, and they steal electricity for the copier from the overhead lines, and then they give you whatever you want (paying for it of course). LA police know about this for a long time, but they don’t do anything to them.

So your common Mexican guy, married and with 3 children in Mexico crosses into the US. Then he gets in trouble with the law. He just goes back to these people, get a new ID, and then moves to a new city in a different state in the US. That is how these people take care of breaking the law, stealing, murder, rape, all that can be washed away with just a simple couple of thousand of dollars and a new ID.

But putting that aside for a minute, let’s continue this line of observations. The gangs make a common use of this also. They get their gang members in from out of the country, and the gang pays for all of it. The gangs are in a relation with the drug cartels and/or in competition with them. Murder is a common solution for anybody that you don’t like.

Take it a level higher. There is a tremendously growing part of these illegals that are not Latins but from other countries, like Moslem countries and even Communist countries that have jihadists that are getting in using these same routes. Biden is not allowing all of this, he is promoting it! He is sending planes into Mexico to pick up anybody that wants to come into the US. The border ceases to exist except on the books. Other countries look very disparagingly on this because their borders are also invisible then. Who knows who is entering Mexico, and the first wrong step by the Mexican authorities and they too may be on the receiving end of terrorism.

The structure for all of this has been created and made very efficient and effective using the Latins, but now terrorists have an open door entering unbeknown among these. Note that this false documentation is not being checked at the border. It is for getting apartments, houses, government benefits, and jobs for these illegals. Biden is basically receiving all illegals and he is telling the Border Patrol to let them in.

Fifthly, Biden is just crazy wrong in what he is doing. Latins know that California is basically Mexican or Latin, and a Latin American can get lost there very easily. But note something here. The Democrats are doing a really good job on making the United States a desolate place. Who wants to live and try to start a business in a place that has had riots destroying any and every business? Like has happened in Portland for example? Not many. So the Democrats cannot be satisfied with things as they may happen. They are busing these illegals from the border into Republican states, and into Democrat states. Some into very dangerous situations. Again, the Democrats have some presumed ideas that are not in reality. Will these people like being bused into Chicago? Maybe, but this strong handed stuff will backfired on them at some point. Latins want to stay in Little Mexico, i.e. California. Being forcably moved even for free is not very lightly looked upon.