Nepotism in Mexico

Nepotism is a good indicated of Mexico’s problems

Nepotism is simply the practice of giving political positions of great benefit to your own family members. This is an excellent indicator of the problems here in Mexico. Nepotism in Mexico has destroyed a lot of any good that could possibly break forth in Mexico. This is one of the underlying root problems of the Mexican culture. When nepotism is happening, people are not serving the general public because of purpose nor because they are the best talented, nor because the people want them. They occupy the position (preventing real public servants from entering), and they just block anybody else from taking that place, and they enjoy the high salary and perks. Usually these are the kinds of people that are self-serving, and they are the ones that also are seeking bribes and doing things for money (in their own pockets).


In this photo, the nephew of a jailed school teacher’s union (jailed for fraud and stealing) is shown in the Mexican congress. His participation is iconic, “bringing coffee”. An example of Nepotism in Mexico.

In the article I link below about Nepotism in Mexico, it states that just 88 families dominate the 455 federal legislative positions over the past 81 years. This comes from The Universal, a Mexico City daily newspaper.

Since 1934, the Mexican Congress has passed reforms to protect their own positions in the Mexican government. The idea here is that when the King of Spain settled Mexico with Spanairds, he set up chiefdoms, or giving a single family a very large (state size) tract of land, and this family controlled everything passing in it.

As the government of Mexico changed from King-rule to a supposed democracy, these family continue up to today to control everything that happens in Mexico.

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