Syrians entering US via Mexico

Syrians enter USSyrians entering US. In an article in The Guardian, Syrians were apprehended trying to enter the US from Mexico. Mexico is a secret backdoor for terrorists to enter the US. What most Americans forget is while Mexico is our neighbor, that is a good-bad thing.

Syrians entering US via Mexico

Actually most Mexicans think it would be great to move to the US to live a higher lifestyle, but they understand the border is to keep them out. They both love and hate the US. For those Mexicans who have come to the US legally or illegally, they quickly note how US immigration services work. If you are Mexican, you are like a fourth rate citizen. For 50 years that I can trace, the US has always given quicker entry to people of Asia, middle east, and even Africa than Mexicans.

Once in the US legally, a Mexican will work in a field doing work nobody else wants to do. Yet we see Syrians start a gyro shop within the year he is in the US, and Indians own a half million dollar hotel within two years, all via US government loans. The United States state department has never dealt fairly with Mexican immigrants versus the rest of the world.

Moreover, while most Mexican immigrants just want to live a good level of living, it is highly hypocritical to allow Muslims into the US that want to destroy the US when the Mexican immigrants just want to make the US a good place to live, and to live there.

The Problem with Syrians entering US

If Syrians entering US can do so unknown to US Immigration, they can easily be terrorists. We must be aware, and try to stop the Mexican illegal immigration (giving more legal immigration to Mexicans, and force Mexico to fix their broken economy), otherwise Syrians entering US will continue.