Violence in Mexico

Read this article about violence in Mexico. We are in a bad place here. This post was originally posted in 2014. Things have only gotten worse in 2023.

My view From August 2023

In Mexico today, where I live in Mexico City, there is a lot of crime going on. Not 2 miles from where I live is a federal park that the Mexican government has basically turned into a migrant camp. Most of these people are from Haiti, which is seeing a tremendous change for the worse in that country. The gangs have overtaken the government at this point.

Here, though, we see a rise in kidnappings, bribery, and other such crimes. Whether the presence of these Haitians have anything to do with it or not, I cannot tell. But it would seem to be a factor. Although not everybody is a victim yet, more and more people are seeing it happen to their acquaintances and eventually to them.

While the government of Lopez Obrador makes a lot of talk about crime, their basic working modis operandi is “simply hugs not bullets.” They appease the crooks instead of convicting them and putting them in jails.

Numbers related to Mexico’s Violence