Missionary Presentations Q&As

Missionary Presentations Q&As

Missionary Presentations Q&As
by David Cox

Missionary Presentations Q&AsThere is hardly a missionary who presents his/her work that is not thrust before an audience and the pastor says, answer any questions that our people might have. In this presentation by Deborah Grayson Riegel, she deals with how to handle Questions and the audience.

The missionary presentation is basically the one thing that a church will use to judge whether they want to partner with you (praying for you and sending you support) or not. It is a crucial element in the missionary’s ministry, and especially in his finances and economics. Without supporting churches, a missionary will be crippled in what he can do, and this just will not get better until he can learn how to successfully pitch his ministry to others and they “buy into his ministry.”


One of the first things she addresses is the audience as a barrier to our success, but they are the strategic partner in the success of your presentation and ministry, then we have something good here.

Truthfully, if a church’s people get behind you, you are successful, otherwise it was a failure. The importance of the audience is the key. The audience is the purpose of our presentation.

We need to project trust and confidence in what we are doing, and who we are. It is not about you being great or talented or accomplished. It is about the work we are doing for our Lord Jesus Christ, and that we want to see this go forward (really through us, around us, or apart from us). That is the important thing.

The audience wants to know if they will want to support you, and you must convince them successfully that you are worthy of their concern and support (partnering).