This series of pages are thoughts and reflections by an active missionary and pastor about missions and churches in relationship to our current state of Christianity. Things just are not right with our churches and missions programs, and someone needs to call attention to these problems, and to provoke reflection upon them. A missionary is the last person who would normally do this, so I am “sticking my neck out”, and taking the risk of being the one who says, “the emperor has no clothes.”

I am a “traditional” missionary in the sense that I went to a normal Bible University, studied the major of missions, joined a mission board, and went to the field. I have since left that mission board and am now under a local church, continuing to do the work of missions.

These meditations are some of my frustrations and reflections on the current state of affairs, with some of the conclusions I personally have come to. My desire is not to condemn everybody else (although if they are not following the Bible, what else are we as obedient Christians to do?) but rather to provoke thought so that true and obedient Christians will change their lives and ministries to conform themselves to God’s word on the matter.

David Cox
Mexico City, Mexico

What biblically is “a missionary”? Sept 30, 2010

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