Catholicism Tracts

Tracts on Catholicism

[C01] Is the Pope the Victor of Christ? No! (Cox)
[C02] Should we Adore Mary? (Cox)
[C03] Spiritualism (Cox)
[C04] Can we be Saved by the Faith of our Fathers? (Boanerge)
[C05] Why we don’t Use Images (Cox)
[C06] Catholicism and their Traditions (Cox)
[C07] Auricular Confession (Cox)
[C08] Is your God broken? (Cox)
[C09] Should we honor our ancestor? (Cox)
[C10] Is Mary the Mother of God? (Cox)
[C11] Is Catholic Mass Blasphemy or Blessing? (Cox)
[C12] Carnval? or just plain “Carnal”? (Cox)
[C13] Is the Pope the Antichrist? (Cox)
[C14] Infant Baptism (Cox)

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