Helpful Tip Everything Search

Helpful Tip Everything Search is a freeware file search utility that is superfast and very useful for finding all occurrences of a file.

freeware utility for searching for files on your computer
everything tool

Let me start off by simply saying that I am no expert in using this utility, I just use it, and it works fabulously for me.

You run the program, and it usually takes about 2-5 seconds to scan your entire hard disk and read your file structure into its database. It does this every time you open the program, apparently. Then you type any fragment of a file you want to find, and it lists every file that fits that search. There are plenty of programs that do this, and I have had a half dozen of them. But this doesn’t actually scan your folders, it reads your file structure and does it lightning fast.

I highly recommend this utility. It has saved me hours and hours of searching.


Helpful Tip Everything Search