Mexico City Lifestyle

This is a video showing Mexico City. Turn off or down low the audio before you watch this. I do not approve of the audio. But there are some real nice drone images of downtown Mexico City.

7:24 minutes
Turn off audio before watching!

One of the reasons I am including this video is because this shows both the new generation Mexican young people and what comes from the US to Mexico (young people looking for a good time). There are some pictures of “youth” partying. This is what the young people in Mexico are wanting. This is the population we are trying to reach for Christ, and this is the great pull our church young people have to resist and fight against.

When many Americans think of “Mexicans” they picture some backwards dark-skinned black haired humble man sitting under a cactus. I am assuming that the majority of these images in the video are Mexicans, maybe with a few Americans in there. We have a lot of fairer skinned Mexican men and women that basically look just like Americans. They need Christ, and yet their lifestyle is fun, riches, and pleasure. Same problems as in the United States, just different language.

Please pray for our work as we and our people face great pressures from the world system here.