News about Popocatepetl May 13, 2023

News about Popocatepetl  May 13, 2023 is a short update about the volcano Popocatepetl  that is somewhat near us here in southern Mexico City.

Let me put a word of caution out here. I don’t believe everything I read or see on the Internet. Today, people will publish anything that they can in order to get views from other people. The image below is from a Microsoft website, so take that for what it is worth.

But this image seems to be the same that I have seen other places and has a date of May 14, 2023. So I believe it is genuine. The one below looks to me like a stock photo.

May 2023 Cox Prayer Update Cox ministry update, including a note about the active volcano 45 miles from us, and health issues for Tule.
Volcano Popo eruption

It could be what it is claiming to be.

But we live some 40 miles from Popo, and we have not heard any eruptions, and with the wind blowing the ash AWAY FROM US, we have not had any sign of ashfall. Usually when it happens (it did happen one time before), it ruined the finish on our car.

But nonetheless, I am posting about all of this so that you will remember us in pray. Where we are laboring for the Lord is not a safe place, so we covet your prayers.

News about Popocatepetl  May 13, 2023