Great Openings and Closings

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 My Notes: Introductions should take up 2-3 minutes of the speech.

The introduction should not lull the audience into complacency and transmit to them that your speech is going to be a great sleep opportunity.

1. Capture the audience’s attention the moment that you begin to speak.

2. Keep their attention throughout your speech.

3. Establish your believability and credibility in the introduction. Establish why you are qualified to speak on what you are talking about. You education, experience, insights, etc.

4. Besides your audience’s relationship TO YOU, think about their relationship to YOUR TOPIC. This should be a prime element and consideration in organizing your speech.

5. Respect WIIFM. What’s In It For Me?  What is for me in your speech? Always offer the audience reasons and purposes to listen, engage, and commit.


1. Give a confident introduction.

2. Give your credentials.

3. Deliver your hook.

4. Introduce your agenda.

5. Give a credible statement.

You must not bore your audience, and it is worse if your speech starts out that.

The end of your talk is more important than the beginning. The last words will leave a lasting impression.

Start your close first, and then create the internal structure and the beginning to work towards your desired end.

Always give priority to the first and last 3 minutes of your speech.