Organize your WorkFlow with Total Commander

In Organize your WorkFlow with Total Commander I am making comments on how to keep tabs on all “your stuff” you are working on at once.

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-Organize your WorkFlow with Total Commander

I know that there are a gazillion products to organize your workflow. Most of these products are for professional use. In other words, you have projects that you are working on these things with other people, or you want to track how the project is progressing etc.

Those things like,, etc. are fine. I used Avana  (I think that is what it is called) for a while. I do have a Chrome extension called Note Board which I am starting to use. It seems what I want, a core board substitute.

Note: I cannot remember what the exact name of this program is, but it forced me to fit into their ideas of how to deal with things. I did not like it, and as a result, I did not use it, and now I have even forgotten the name of it.

If you are going to use one of these programs I recommend that you try to find one that bends and adapts to the way you work, and not that you have to work the way they want you to work. The problem is they make one program, and they think the entire work can work their way, and maybe a really lot of people can work well under “their way”, but really, one shoe doesn’t fit every foot. Programs are slaves to the user’s desires, not the other way around, or at least in my opinion, that is the way things should be in the world

Total Commander – Organize your WorkFlow with Total Commander

I am a really big fan of “Total Commander” which is a Windows File Manager alternative. (Get it here, and see my write up about it in my post, “Total Commander as a Window File Explorer Replacement“) There is a quick and easy substitute for these work planners.

Just make a simple text file, and put in it what you are wanting.

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How to make a quick and easy text file in Total Commander

I use Total Commander daily, and all day long. Navigate to the folder that you want to make this text file in. Then, jump down to the MS-DOS command line under the folder windows.

Total Commander DOS Commander Line
Total Commander DOS Commander Line

In the image, I am in my user Documents folder.

Then just type Dir>”filename.txt” Click enter. Windows will redirect the output of the dir command to the filename you choose.  Click on the file and press F4 to edit it. Remember to press control S to save when you are done editing the file. By doing this, you can group your “to do” lists in text files and Organize your WorkFlow with Total Commander.

Organize your WorkFlow with Total Commander

The point of this is that it opens up a whole new way to track things. You use text files, and in these text files you can save them to a DVD backup of important things, “your stuff”. This is much more secure than using online websites or programs. You pretty much are sure nobody is going to get your stuff nor block you from it, not erase it unless you give them access to your computer.

Formatting the Text Files

A long, long time ago, we used to be hand-strapped using Microsoft Products. I remember that time, not so fondly.

So I always put in the first line of that file what it is pertaining to. Future to do things, information on a home-owners Insurance policy (what is covered and what is not, etc). I use asterisks and dashes to format the file.

Let me share with you my homeowners-renters-policy.txt

09/01/20 Geico Insurance
Renters Insurance 800-432-8612
-$2000 hotels
-$1000 visitors
-not covered water sewage backup
-nor flood
-nor earthquake
-hurricane deduct $1000

-ID thief $9.99 more $99/year

I talked with the insurance lady and she gave me these points on a homeowner’s insurance policy. Searching in Total Commander will find these points, or the file very easier.

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