WordPress How-to Boost your Adsense Earnings

WordPress How-to Boost your Adsense Earnings is an article for those with Adsense on their websites. How-to boost your adsense revenue or earnings for a day.


So I have had websites for about 15 years now, using Google Adsense since the beginning. I am not so pleased with Google at all, but they are about the only game in town from what I can see. I have briefly used some other ad income people, but was even greater displeased with them.

An Orientation to Google and Google Adsense

Bottom line: Google is taking advantage of you and your work for their own purposes. But they do give you some money which helps to pay the bills. I cannot really orientate everybody here, but I can speak from my experience. When I began all the websites (currently I have 34 that I am maintaining) I got a lot of money from Google. Not thousands of dollars like the shills on the Internet talk of. You have to have a website that gets a couple of million hits per day to make the kind of money that they make.

Let me just say from my opinion that the tail has to wag the dog for this to work with getting thousands and thousands of dollars in month. But that I mean, you write content to make money, not from a passion about that content or subject matter. These people are professionals that make money. Yes they do without a doubt. But if you have ever gone to  website that has a half page on a good topic, and it barely introduces that “Good Topic” and then it ends, you know what I am talking about. It is basically worthless as far as getting a lot of good from it. I have seen websites that had a topic that I really wanted to know more only to find it is 5 paragraphs long, and 4 paragraphs of ads and other stuff that had nothing to do with the topic.

So to orientate you, Google has an algorithm that they use to find your website and web pages. That is what kills your website and you get no visitors, or which puts you on top of their search results. You have to play their game in order to get on the top of their results page 1. Having said that, Google changes this algorithm several times a year. When I was making good income (a couple hundred dollars or so), all of a sudden the bottom fell out and I went back to earning very little. As I read stuff, I see Google changed their algorithm the same time the bottom fell out, so they figured out how to block paying me what they were paying me before. I am getting the same number of visitors to the website, but my income is just hacked by more than half. This is perfectly normal in dealing with Google Adsense.

Okay, so what can you do? First of all, you cannot defeat or hack the Google algorithm because it is their secret treasure, and if people knew how to work it, then they would get a lot of income in spite of Google. But wait a minute, Google does give us instructions in how to make a web page. If you follow this basic outline, you will get seen and noticed by Google. That is, and if your content is of interest to somebody.

I support 3 different free Bible programs, e-Sword, theWord, and MySword, as well has having Christian works in Kindle format and PDF formats. So my “niche” is small. I cannot get 100,000s of visits per day. More like 200-1000 at best. The content is controlled by what I find that is in the public domain.

Competition Kills

When other people copy your content or have the same content, then you can expect that you will have less visitors. This is even further frustrated if their site layout and presentation is just better than yours. But unknown to you, people are searching for a topic or content, and they will see your website with another 100 other websites like yours. Maybe you have a book by Arthur Pink, and they are searching for the program format (say e-sword format) and they see your website with others. But they may also be searching directly for Pink, and your website is among a bunch of bookstores that sell his book in hard copy. In that case, if the visitor is searching for your format, then you will get a visitor, but if he is searching for a hard copy (which you don’t sell or offer even a link to) then you are going to get passed by.

Users remember good websites that have offered them things in the past, and when they search for new stuff, they will intuitively return to your website.

If you want to know the WordPress How-to Boost your Adsense Earnings then you need to be aware of your topic area, and how you rate within that niche. There is no other way to get this orientation. You have to go on Google and search for your keywords, and see what your competition is offering. You need to present it BETTER than they do, MORE than they do, or DIFFERENT than what they have. You need something to standout against your competition in other words so WordPress How-to Boost your Adsense Earnings works for you.

Internal and External Links

A good webpage (according to Google) has links to more page in your site and to at least one link outside your website. This is almost an absolute necessity if you want to get noticed by Google. Moreover, the quality of those links are especially important. You can put a link to CNN.com news on every page of your website, but if you have Christian books, that link will be a blot against you, not help your rankings.

But if you put up a book like Pink’s Attributes of God, and then link to a bookstore that sells it or to Arthur Pink’s biography page somewhere like on Wikipedia.org, that is an excellent link. With internal links, you need to make them point to something somebody would possibly or probably want to see. For own Pink example, you can link to other pages on your website that has other of Pinks books (any topic) and that works. Also other pages that have works on the attributes of God or just God (theology Proper) and that works.

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You need a Featured Image

The bottom line of this is you need a featured image. Take your keyword and search for it in Google images, and pick something and post it in your page. Your SEO status will never be good without an image so just make that a requirement for every single post you put up.

Note that this not putting an image in your actual text content, but in the feature image area of the WordPress post creation screen.

WordPress How-to Boost your Adsense Earnings

Permalinks is a website reset button

Within WordPress, there is a link under Settings menu, Permalinks. This is a big no, no to mess with your permalink structure once you have your website set up and content on it. If you change anything here, basically you need to go back and make redirections in the .htaccess file for each changed file. Change the permalinks, and every page on your website is changed. Not good. Any links other websites made to a page on your site are not a dead link, which is bad for you (with Google and with the users).

So I do not recommend changing, and again I said CHANGING the permalink structure. But one time I had a problem with a website (like that happened a million times so far) and the tech person told me to go to the permalinks page and just save the current permalink structure without changing it.

So I did and the site now worked.

But the point is, when you save that page (with or without making changes) WordPress will go through and remake all the pages and their URL. This is good. For some reason, with normal use, things get clogged up sometimes, and WordPress doesn’t “find” a page for a user even though it is there in its SQL database, but the link URL gets internally messed up. I do not understand how this works, but basically it happens frequently (like every day or two or three) depending on your website visitors. I am talking about my websites having from 200 daily visitors to 3000 a day.

When I reset or resave the permalink structure, my Adsense revenue goes up by about 5x what it is normally running. You have to have new posts posting in the day or two after you do that, because this only works when you have posts coming up. (Also you can go to the oldest post in your blog and redate it to today and that works).

Delete the Cache

I use a caching plugin, and when I reset the permalinks, I also delete the sites cache. I find that also slightly helps. But to get a 4x or 5x more Adsense in a day, that is worth the effort. It does not always work. Within my 34 websites, I have Adsense on all of them, and depending on the high volume websites and if they have posts posting that day or the next, it will work pretty consistently.

Posting New Content

Basically Google has a copy of your website on their servers. So they are looking for new content. That is what keeps a website alive with them. Any website that has the newest post on it being posts 2 years ago is a dead website with them, and I really doubt that it will even be listed.

Repost the Old Content

There are plugins that allow you to automatically repost your old posts. For most sites, this is a valid and good thing. Reposting old content keeps something new (a new post) on Google’s tally for your website. I try to rework in a minor way the post before reposting it, making sure it has a SEO keyword, an image, and internal and external links, but sometimes I just repost it as is if that is already on the page. Apparently I am not penalized by Google. This works.

Making a Posting Schedule

I would also recommend that you post to a schedule. By that, Google wants to see a new post (one per week) every week. At the least once a month. So just plan on working with one a month, and go write 12 new posts and post them once a month.

I also use the Publish to Schedule plugin by Alex Benfica. You can set how many posts and what days of the week you want them to post. With that plugin activated, I set a post I want to repost to Pending Status, save it, and then Publish it, and the plugin will post it on the next scheduled day. This takes a lot of the planning for when a post will go live out of the work area, and does it automatically.

I would caution not to get too wild on posting. First of all, you could set this plugin to post 2 posts per day, every day, and it will do it. Except when you don’t make those posts. Then you are going to see “holes” in your posts where you didn’t get to it, and a whole week is empty of anything.

It is better to set it at one or so, then note the date of that post, and if you want another one that week, then manually change the date to a day before or after.

Google’s 10,000 pages of hit results

I am a thorough student of Scripture. So when I go out looking for something, I am pretty determined to find it if I can. I like shortcuts, and I like to find what is difficult to find. Over the years, I have taken a particular book that I liked and was determined to find a pdf copy of that book, and it was in the public domain. I searched Google.

I got hits from Google search saying it found 100,000+ hits for my search. As I went through pages and pages of Google results, I found out the truth. Google lies. After about 20 pages, Google refused to show me any more hits, any more results. So they have about 20×40 or 800 pages cached that they will show you, but no more. I do not know why this is like this, but it would seem to be common. pdfdrive.com also does this with their 100 million books. If you go long enough looking at search results (they petter out after about 10 pages), they will come up dry way before what they say they have.

So if you are hoping to get on page 50 of Google search results, good luck. There is no page 50. Besides me out here, I doubt there are many people that even try to go that far in the search results. You have to aim for the first 10 or 20 pages or nothing. You are broke out of it friend.


WordPress How-to Boost your Adsense Earnings

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