Helping a Sister Church Viaducto


Since I first arrived in Mexico City in 1986, Iglesia Bautista Fundamental de Viaducto (we call them simply “Viaducto”) and Pastor Francisco Paredes have helped our ministry. In February of 2018, brother Paredes passed away of cancer. He had it for the last few years, and it had debilitated his energies greatly.

At the funeral, I talked with some of his people, and they told me that attendance had been down for years. They had less than a half dozen adults in their Sunday services. I advised them to take control of their church, and carry on the Lord’s work even though they were without a pastor, and that they should start evangelizing immediately.

My belief is that if you evangelize faithfully, God will bless the church with converts and Christians without a church coming into your church. But this won’t happen unless you are constantly active in evangelism.

They have a co-pastor, Noel Cortez. But Noel has a lot of his own problems. Born with an eye problem, he has lost all sight in one eye, and he has 10% in the other eye. With great difficulty, he can preach. But he has been going out with us as well as another deacon from their church, and Raul, our treasurer. Brother Edgar, from our church, with his family of 6 head up our own evangelism while Raul and I work helping Viaducto.

Below is a gallery of our evangelism efforts with them.