Cox Prayer Updates Recent

Cox Prayer Updates Recent is a page with our most important and recent prayer requests. Update January 17, 2022.

Important Prayer requests as of January 2022

  • Our continuing work with Tule’s US Immigration paper.
  • Pray for Edgar and Cecilia’s income, Cecilia’s health
  • Pray for Eduardo and Marianna that are police.
  • Pray for Raul who has asthma and diabetes, 63 who works in a hospital.
  • Stress that all of our people are bearing

Details of Tule’s Immigration Papers

We have applied for both a renewal of her Green Card and US Naturalization. As such, these things take time and require that she presents herself for appointments with the USCIS. So this has to be done in the United States (in Florida). Normally, the foreigner has to remain inside the US during this process. Because we are active missionaries in Mexico City still, we get an exception for her to be out of the country for work purposes. She teaches our children’s Sunday School classes as well as organizes and teaches the month women’s prayer breakfast, preaching their message each time. She also helps me greatly like you wouldn’t believe in calling people in our fellowship and arranging for us to make visits with them.

Where we are in our Church Plant?

As my health is failing somewhat, God is moving greatly in the hearts of some of our men, and they are preaching in my place, and they are doing a really great job. Their sermons are very good. I am pleased. Eventually, I will not continue in this church plant, and the church will need to look for a full time pastor to take my place. I am hoping that we will be able to take on an assistant pastor that would move into the full time pastor position when I step down. At present, there are still a lot of contentions between people in the church, and very few of our preachers or men would be accepted by all of the church. We are working on that issue, praying and preaching through some things. We are also trying to get a Building fund built up so that we can purchase our own building. With the incomes of our people, very few can really give very much, but God will work neither the less. But we are looking toward these things in the future, praying that God will work.