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Recent Prayer updates

Important Prayer requests as of December 2020

  • Our trip to renew Tule’s US Immigration papers was successful.
  • Tule will have an interview for her Naturalization in May 2021
  • Pray for Edgar and Cecilia’s finances
  • Pray for Eduardo and Marianna that are police
  • Pray for Raul who has asthma and diabetes, 61 who works in a hospital. He is laid off.
  • Stress that all of our people are bearing

Important Prayer requests as of October 2020

  • Our mini-furlough to take care of Tule’s Green Card
  • Expenses for furlough (probably won’t get meetings nor love offerings) also for regular expenses of our home in Mexico.
  • Daily sustenance of our people who are not working
  • The danger of Corona Virus as we see many dying around us
  • Security of our church building and our home as they will not be occupied.
  • Our health as we travel. (Not looking forward to airplane ride!)
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