What is up with David Cox websites?

David Cox’s Websites. Why am I making so many new websites? is an explanation of why I have so many websites.

I originally had a single website, www.davidcox.com.mx. On that website (the first one I ever did), I have half of it in Spanish and the other half in English. I also dabble around studying how to get your website noticed by the Search Engines. So in reading some technical commentaries on this issue, I see that it is highly recommended that you keep your website small and make multiple websites with different content on each, and above all, keep it in the same language. Bingo! I messed up. David Cox’s Websites

These are my English language websites:

Another very important factor is that your pages are ranked higher in

But since I have so many “other people” linking into my website, changing it is difficult, first because it needs to be all done now and uploaded and finished. None of this partially done stuff like I have to do between my other ministry work. So that was a factor. Another factor is that I made my website with Microsoft Frontpage, which I like, but at one point, the site got too big to automatically update (Frontpage freezes for 20 minutes or so while it is comparing its copy on the Internet with my hard disk copy). So I have to use FTP to upload my files. After accidentally uploading to the wrong folder on my website a few times (erasing what was already there), I got frustrated.

Another thing that I am taking into consideration is that it is highly recommended that you use blogging software. Google, for example, understands how to find content on blogs better than a normal non-blog site. So to get my writings at least indexed in Google, I need to have them in the right format that the search engines can navigate the site well. Rather than fighting this, I think it is better to just use a well-known blog and stop the hassles. I use Word Press which I am learning. (I learned the basics in about 3 hours, and started putting up content the same day.)

search engines when other people’s sites link to your pages. So the more links coming into your pages the higher is the ranking. Google has no way of knowing between 5 websites if they are all the same owner or not. So I figure I can link between my sites and get a boost on the ranking.

The Word Press experiment continues, and I am searching for nice useful plugins and themes. I am getting this down somewhat.

These are my Spanish Websites:

These are the websites that I had and have given up

coxlibros.com – attacked by hackers

module-repository.com – A theWord module website. I have too many to pay for so this one is gone.


David Cox’s Websites