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“Thank you very much for your tract Kundalini and Tongues!”

From Nadia Tomazic


“I entered the Internet looking for some material for cells, and I saw your Sunday School Class material which was interesting, then I saw the evangelical tracts and I saw what you think of cells. It made me sad to see the words ‘Fundamental Baptist’, and I don’t know if I am correct or not, but you are protestants right? Why do you attack and descredit other churches? I believe that this is very bad, and that is the cause why our churches have no credibility, because we ourselves criticize our own selves instead of uniting and working together to extend the kingdom of God, so why don’t you read about what ‘faith’ means and understand that pastor.”

— Hilda Sanabria Marin (Spanish)

DCox Comment — Since when did a practice that is not seen in the Bible become the test of orthodoxy? The cell group system was hatched by a Hinduist Pentecostal (David Yonggi Cho) for the express purpose of having the largest church in the world (building his own personal empire) and works using principally women in the leadership and teaching roles (about 80% of all cell groups leaders are women). Unity is not going to happen in a world plagued by heresy and everybody breaking with the norms and commands of God. Unity exists only when we all believe and practice what God has dictated, otherwise unity in any other context will mean true Christians sacrificing their doctrine and practice to be united with the disobedient.

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  1. I don’t believe that unity should be maintained at the expense of the truth. Yes, unity should be maintained among true believers.

    But it is a fallacy to think that all churches teach the truth. False doctrines spew forth from the mouths of false teachers who preside over false churches. These are to be exposed for what they are–attacked if you will.

    Minor differences exist among true Christians and we should endeavor to maintain the unity of the faith. Not, however, at the expense of the fundamentals of the faith.

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