How did Mexicos Drug Problem come to be?

How did Mexicos Drug Problem come to be?

I came across this news video of 23 minutes about how Mexico became a drug country. It is a very good view of the situation that we live with daily here in Mexico.

I would recommend you watch the video on this page “Narco State: Mexico’s Drug War”

It is long (23 minutes) but it is an excellent documentary on the situation in Mexico’s countryside.

Personal Commentary on Mexico Drug Country

Living here in Mexico is difficult. The video’s commentary on a system and government that is broke from the bottom up is accurate in my opinion. There are parts of it that still work, and there are times when even corrupt police do they job the way they are supposed to do it, but that is not the norm normally.

I perceive a kind of apathy in most of the police forces. Their mission is not to protect and install law and order. Their mission is very simply to make an appearance of being police when they are not. What is the difference? They have no burden nor pride in their job. They only work when something or somebody is prodding them from behind, or when there is money to be made. For example, there can be minor crimes going on, and a police comes up, and he hurries away so as to not get involved. This is the norm. Either the police do nothing, or they do something when they shouldn’t (no crime has happened) and they see an easy mark to make some money.

There is a lot of problem in Mexico that doesn’t have any easy answers.

How Mexico fixes Crime

From a reliable source in the police, at Christmas 2014 Mexico City had around 5000 police. Since that time Mancera, the current mayor of Mexico City, has decided to make a new system. He has gone to the corrupt political parties and made deals with them and the narcos and mafias. In exchange for his letting them “do business”, they will police the city. So Mancera has cut that 5000 down to 1300, and in June-July he will half it again. The way this works is that these gangs and mafia-narco groups watch their neighborhoods for competition in selling drugs, kidnapping, extorsion, etc. When they see some petty thief stealing, he will “disappear”.

Again, Mexico works on the good ole boy system big time. It is who you know that gets things done here. So these people seek to be power brokers, sitting around doing nothing, but reaping big bucks. That is how things work. So they block the normal processes, undermine them, and overthrow them. Typical in Mexico.