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By David Cox

I am a pastor, and as I am ALWAYS studying the Bible, I know the advantage of a good reference library. So as a Pastor, I am also always trying to find good books to add to my collections. I stumbled across

Summary of Works offered in the Reference Library

Reference LibraryLet me just list them. (These books appear to be in pdf, epub, and kindle formats.)

Downing – A Catechism on Bible Doctrine

Jones – Gleaning in Proverbs

Murrell – Seven Deadly Sins

Hellar – The NT Missionary: A Biblical Study of Missions

Ryle – Simplicity in Preaching

Debruyn – Why I am not a purpose-Driven Pastor

Nelson – Presuppositionalism: Biblical Approach to Apologetics

Dalcour – A definite look at One Theology in the lightr of biblical Trinitarianism

Again all of these can be downloaded via

I know Murrell is of a Reformed position, and a good teacher. Some of these books look really good, and I would like to read through them. I am against Rick Warren, and the one by Debruyn, “Why I am not a purpose driven pastor” looks especially good. I think Warren’s take on “church” as a whole is satanic. Since when do we shunt the authority of God in Scripture and take man’s opinion on what church should be? Sick. I hope this work fulfills what I hope it is.