Obama Radical Islamist

Obama Radical Islamist

Topic: Obama Radical Islamist
By David Cox

Obama has come out very strongly against the Republicans for condemning him for his refusal of using the term “radical islamist”. In his news conference today about the Orlando shooting, he again condemns this. Obama Radical Islamist

Obama Radical Islamist: The good stuff is around 15 minutes in.

Obama admits he is pro-muslim, and that he is an mulsim

What is at play here is the identification of radical Islam as being terrorism. Why isn’t it valid for Obama and the world to call these terrorist acts “acts of terrorism by radical islamists”? That would separate it from “normal islam” in a very clear way. But Obama cannot condemn Islam in any way. It is a “great religion” according to this speech.

Many people question whether Obama is really pro-muslim, pro-islam. They believe what he tells U.S.A. audiences that he is a loyal, “true blue” American like all the rest of us (most of us). But the truth cannot be ever farther away.

Obama before the United Nations Assembly let his true colors slip out for a moment. (See image at right)


Judge Jeanine hits it on the head when she says that Obama is against Christianity, and is “okay with” terrorism. Obama paints all the crusaders of Muslim lands as “Christians” without any problem, but he cannot identify Islamic Radical Terrorism!


If Obama is talking out of both sides of his mouth, then he is not presidential and should be impeached. If he is against America he should be impreached. Study the reasons for impeachment, and you will see that this is well within the founding fathers concept.




This examines whether Obama is even an American citizen.

Obama Radical Islamists are simply a normal, natural extension of Islam

Obama Radical Islamist
This is what Islam thinks of doing to gays. Is the Orlando shooter’s version any different? Obama’s dilema is which of his darlings does he side with on this? Attack Christians, oh I should have seen that one coming!

What Obama seeks to convince people is that Islam is peaceful, but these people are not really part of Islam. Okay, let’s go with that for a minute. Is that true? Many Islamic people in the US want us to believe that also. But how many of these same people are condemning these Islamic terrorists? They all seem to have a problem putting to two concepts together, “islamic” + “terrorist”. If they cannot even say the two words, do they really believe that it is not a natural part of Islam?

I mean the Protestant man that killed the blacks in a South Carolina church was a member of some church group also. But that church group didn’t go silent on his actions, they condemned them. Because a Baptist, Presbyterian, or Methodist person kills other people, that does not represent the normal conduct for somebody in that group. So the group condemns that act of violence and publicly denounces it. They speak long and hard in their internal speeches (sermons and classes) against violence. Do the muslims do that? No. Their internal speeches invoke more of the same.

No Muslim government outrage

This is the problem. How many muslim leaders in Syria and Iraq have condemned these acts of terrorism, and how many have come out supporting them? We would have to stop condemning them if we saw a real serious effort at condemning these kinds of things and turning the tide of opinion in their own national groups against killing all westerners, especially Americans.

We would see them as very serious if they were to prohibit terrorist training camps within their own borders, and especially serious if they were to pass good intelligence to Interpol and the US about these groups. Even better if they would authorize the US to send strike forces in on them to stop them cold, dead cold.


Obama’s cold feet on Obama Radical Islamist

Obama Radical Islamist. Obama thinks that anything negative against Islam will be used by these terrorists to recruit more members. But truthfully, these groups do not use facts and events of the US in their recruitment. They invite whatever serves them. They twist and turn every event to recruit. People who have half a mind see through this. Obama Radical Islamist just doesn’t go together in Obama’s mind.

Moreover Obama seems to know these terrorists and their minds all to well. Shouldn’t we ask him how he knows so much about Islam and islamic terrorists? Methinks he speaks from some kind of personal training in his Kenya or Pakistan days.

If we survey the various wars around the world through history, we never find two nations at war in which one nation is afraid to use strong speech against the other, that is except when Obama came on the scene. Strong speech against our enemies is what hardens the US behind the US leadership. Whether the US uses hard words or not, the terrorists will do what they will do. Hard words and a hard stance is not what terrorists use to recruit more of their own because it should instill fear that the US might provoke even more wrath and severe means. That is what Obama is grossly ignorant of.


Obama’s pro-Islam preference emboldens the Enemies of the US

Obama doesn’t support our friends or our enemies, Obama always supports our enemies. Unbelieveable! In an Arab newspaper in the US, Obama admits that Iran is still a state sponsor of terrorism (right before the Iran nuclear deal), but Obama gives them a nuclear power plant and 150 billion dollars.

This video goes through all the money that the Clintons have received money (via the Clinton Foundation) but these nations have starkly muslim and non-American standards, marital rape is not a crime, women’s consent to be married not necessary.

We are at war with an entire religion

Obama expresses his view of foolishness towards that thought that we are at war with an entire religion. But we are. If we removed all muslim from the US, most of this stuff would be reduced or completely go away.

If we are not at war with Islam, then why isn’t Islam helping us by sending our intelligence forces information about these terrorist groups? They aren’t because they are covering for them. This is the truth here. Obama is just wrong all the way around.

While Obama throws the islamafob accusation around rather liberally, we should throw the Islamic lover label on him. It is obvious that he loves Islam more than Christianity. He defends it so much.


Are Guns the Real Problem?

Obama Radical Islamist

I am a missionary of 30 years in Mexico. Mexico has gun laws. Nobody can own a gun except police and military, and ex-military. Yet the drug cartels have no problem getting guns. Obama’s fast and furious disaster gave them guns. So some stupid president somewhere is always going to allow guns to fall into the hands of bad people in a neighboring country it seems. Obama’s own actions prove that he really doesn’t believe nor practice his own position on guns.

While we are on that, if Obama was really against more weapons then why did he approve the nuclear program for Iraq? I mean, give them the means to make nuclear bombs and let them police themselves? In what world does he live? At the same time reducing the US nuclear arsenal, and hinting at Hiroshima that the US should get rid of all nuclear weapons? Why would we do that with North Korea having them? I mean, Obama hates America, everybody has seen that. Now he wants to disarm us, and arm our enemies. Get strategy Obama! But only if you are anti-American, as you obviously are.

Mexico’s example

In my years in Mexico, I have seen time and time again policemen that pulled robberies using their guns. Corruption is run-a-much in Mexico, and that is just a fact. Taking away the guns will not stop people killing other people. In Orlando, this guy could have filled up tanks of gasoline and run his truck into the same place and taken out more people than he did. He could have gotten everybody if he didn’t have the guns he had. It is inconceivable that these people (like San Bernadino) and they don’t have an escape plan. But they do it anyway, and there is no escape plan. The San Bernadino people were more concerned about covering their relationship to Terrorist groups than actually getting away, or taking care of their child. This guy in Orlando likewise. He had a child at home.

Obama cannot see a motive why this guy did this. Actually Obama knows his motive, but Obama is catering to the Homosexual group and to the muslims. When they attack each other, he doesn’t know how to spin this, so he accuses the Christians and the conservatives. Oh REALLY OBAMA? What a jerk Obama is! This has nothing to do with Christians nor with conservatives. It is the Christians that want religious freedoms, and it is under the Christians’ position of freedom that homosexuals should have their rights.

Gun ownership is a basic American right, Why? Judge Napolitano explains

Obama Radical Islamist

I saw a really good point. Mateen in Orlando was not on a watch list. He had been, but as per pressure from Obama, the FBI wants to remove Muslims as quickly as possible from that watchlist. So he LEGALLY BOUGHT HIS GUNS! If guns laws would have prohibited everybody from owning guns, he could have used a car or whatever.

But the point is very interesting. He shot 200 rounds, stopping to reload 12 times. During those times, anybody in the victims side of the bar that would have had a gun could have taken him out. Just one person! Why did it take 3 hours of hostage crisis? Because that was the response time to get another gun in the hands of a good guy and inside the club. If people in the club, out of the club, or anywhere near there knew what was happening and had a gun, and entered, not nearly as many people would have died. If guns laws were more lax, it wouldn’t have been as bad as it is. If gun laws were absolutely, “NO GUNS”, he still would have killed people somehow.

A government that is like pro Obama Radical Islamist attitude is not helping anything here.

The Orlando Shooting Myths debunked

Mateen was muslim, and he was following the Quran/Koran (7:80-84; 7:81; 26:165-166; etc). The Imams clearly teach this. This is the rule with Islamic countries, not the exception. Where Shira law is in power, it is followed. The US news media just will not accept and report the slaughter of gays under Muslim influence. This is the rule, not the exception. Yet we are presented with a different picture.

Myth: Omar Mateen was on terrorist watchlist.

He was, and he was taken off of it. This again is the FBI under Obama’s influence and direction. It ended poorly didn’t it Obama? So a fundamental basic right according to the Constitution framers should be given up and denied Americans because they appear on a list, which they are not advised of, and they cannot defend themselves for being on the list. Trial in secret, secret judgment, and no repeal or rebuttal. Senator Ted Kennedy was on the no-fly list. Why? What did he do? Again, the list is mismanaged and not constitutional to begin with, and making that instead of a real background check is abserd.

Myths: Automatic weapons are the weapon of choice for terrorists.

Maybe true. But the myth here is that they use these in these mass shootings. The media came out saying that Omar Mateen had an automatic weapon without a background check. He had a background check, but passed it. The weapon was an automatic weapon, i.e. one trigger pull, and one shot. Omar pulled that trigger over 200 times that night. It was not automatic. These kinds of weapons are just regular hunting rifles. They are not semi-automatic. He did not have an AR-15 capable of shooting 100 rounds in 9 secs. Not possible, not truth on any account (he didn’t have one, and you cannot do that). You would have to change a magazine 1 to 2 times in 9 seconds. Not possible to pull off that many rounds in that short of time.

Myths: These mass killings can be stopped by banning these automatic weapons.

Most mass killings are done using handguns. Why is this lie promoted in the media? This is because getting rid of all handguns is a hard sell, but if we bump it up to fully automatic weapons, then “everybody” that is sane will accept that. Problem is that that is just a step further down the no guns of any kind road, and it solves no problem.

Myth: Gun control laws stop terrorism.

California has the strongest gun control laws in the nation, didn’t stop it there. There are gun control laws in Florida, didn’t stop it there. France has gun control laws there, and it didn’t do a thing to stop it there either. When will the left get it that this is not a solution to terrorism at all!

A Really Good Solution

If we can take Obama at his word that he is not worried about being politically correct, why not take the body of this Islamic terrorist and dig a hole and bury him in lard. This is a sacrilege in Islam, and let them know that this is the fate of all Islamic terrorists. Let the police use special bullets dipped in lard also. Use their religious beliefs against them.

Another good thing is to do something to the muslims in the US because of the muslims that end up being terrorists. What should we do to them? I think that every Muslim in the US needs to be reviewed. We start with those most recently entering, still under a visa of some kind and just see where they are in their ideology. For every terrorist attack, and wave of reviews, and 10,000 are deported. When US muslims see their own existence in “paradise” jeopardized, then we will see US muslims condemning these muslim terrorist attacks. But we cannot even get the label on them. Seeing gays as worthy of death is a clear Muslim concept, and it is not Christian. So why don’t we go after them?

Trump’s Wisdom

Trump has a lot of intelligence in using this.


I think the truth was that it was General MacArthur in the Philippines, and not Pershing.

We need to make them hurt instead of just us. We need to block all muslims from riding on airplanes everywhere, anywhere. This should have been done since 911. Moreover, we find out what countries these terrorists come from and we block all VISA requests from people from that country for a year when one of their people commits terrorism. If it happens a second time, block them for 3 years and a third time block them for 10 years. When their people coming into the country see what their own people are causing them, grief, then there will be pressure back in the Muslim home.

Moreover this should go into effect even when a terrorist act is done like in England or France. We block their people. When a country has the infamy of having given birth to a terrorist against the US (like Saudi Arabia and 911), then they should have all assets frozen, and all Americans prohibited from buying or selling with them. This is what Democrat Jimmy Carter signed into law when the students took the embassy and held embassy employees hostage in Iran. It is a good policy. Why cannot we use that today? Because Obama is pro-Muslim (Obama Radical Islamist), pro-Islam. He knows how to do this stuff. He just does want to harm his darlings.