Obamas Unity Push

Obamas Unity Push

Obamas Unity Push
Political commentary by David Cox

Obamas Unity PushThis commentary has as it’s origin an article Obama: U.N. can defeat Global Terror, wnd.com, where Leo Hohmann says the following…

“In other words, all Americans should stop being so selfish and self-centered and surrender themselves to the global ‘common good,’” Wood wrote.

He said the world needed to work with “our Muslim partners” to “push back against hateful ideologies that twist and distort Islam – a religion that teaches peace and justice and compassion.”

“We will defeat these ideologies by offering a better vision of development and economic progress,” Obama added.

So in Obama’s mind, the evil here is Americans and America in being selfish and self-centered. What is this “global common good”? Kill all Americans and Westerners?

Pushing back against what?

This “pushing back against something” is exactly what the American people have waited during all of Obama’s two terms of presidency and never have seen anything substantial coming from the White House.

If Obama is correct, and Islam is a peaceful religion, why doesn’t Obama spend significant amounts of time talking to the Islamic extremists that promote terrorism? I mean Obama condemns terrorism attributing it as an unavoidable consequence of America (period). What we are is what caused terrorism. Before America existed, the Islamic world had terrorists in Europe, and so this is just not true. Obama wishes to assign blame, but he says the gun manufacturers are who kill, not the people who pull the trigger.

Obamas Unity Push never condemns terrorism

Obamas Unity Push never condemns neither the source or birthplace of this terrorism (Islam and the countries that host it), nor the actual terrorist actors, but rather their ideological “causes” which neither they nor Obama can prove.

Wealth produces terrorism

For many years Islam could condemn wealthy nations as ignoring the poor nations of the world. This capitalistic wealth is supposedly the root cause of all Islamic discontent. But wait a minute, who are the richest elements in the Mediterrean world? Isn’t it these rich oil countries? Why are they not condemned by Obama and the Islamic world? How can places like Dubai exist where rich people surround themselves in “Western decadence” yet fully be Islamic? How come these rich countries only distribute their great wealth to the ruling families and yet NEVER CONDEMNED!

Obamas Unity Push Ignores the West’s Contributions

Obamas Unity Push ignores all that the West has provided to the world. Let me set this against what all the rich Arab oil countries have done. Have they made break throughs in science, medicine, industry, agriculture, or ANYTHING FOR THAT MATTER? Obama at one point tried to exalt the contributions of the Arab world, and the only thing substantive was literature, and yet there is nothing there.

All these rich Arab countries import Western achievements into their country, and they do not generate anything within their own culture, and specifically, their islamic religion kills any advancement on any of these fronts.

Obamas Unity Push ignores what Arab countries COULD DO FOR THEMSELVES

Obama called for “a new sustainable development set of goals to end extreme poverty and promote health and education and equality for all people, including women.”

One of the key elements here is an equality like Obama’s communist/socialist leanings would demand of us. Why should America give to the poor in Arab countries when they have plenty of oil, US and western oil companies discovered it, and US companies provided the technology to get it out of the ground. Yet the money they earn, what happens to it? Does it go back into making the poor Arab countries more liveable? No. These rich rulers have two principle pursuits with their countries natural resources riches, 1) they buy extreme luxury items, and 2) they invest their wealth abroad.

Why doesn’t Obama sieze Iran’s 15 billion dollars and use it to feed refugees fleeing their war torn country, making soup kitchens in the US and Europe for them? Why doesn’t he use that to pay for US military to make heavily protected and defended safe havens within Iran’s borders?

In Obama’s view, the only money valid for that is America’s riches, and not any Arab Middle eastern countries riches. Again we make comparison’s between ideologies here.

Middle Eastern Rich Nations’ Riches

How did they get their riches? By hard work, intelligence, personal sacrifice? No. They basically had western oil companies come into their country, do all the work, and write them a check every month. What is laudable about that? Why should the ruling class (basically shepherd nomads in the desert) get the sole benefit of this? Where is Obama’s outrage at their closed pocket books on their own Arab nation/muslim problems? He is strangely silent.

America’s Riches

Where did the United States get their riches? This was through generations and generations of hard work, cutting a living out of a wilderness, and working extremely hard for decades without much help from other nations. Sure some nations helped the US at one time or another, but comparing to what the US has done for generations helping other countries around the world (and still does), it is nothing comparable. Few and little has come into help the US, and much has constantly gone out.

Who should help the Poor Muslim Nations?

So the bottom line here is that America already gives a tremendous amount of charity to their own people, and they give a tremendous amount of financial and military help to other countries around the world, footing a large part of NATO expenses. Now it is somehow a guilt trip on America to cut back when the US has a 19 trillion dollar debt (doubling that debt under Obama’s terms)?

And on top of this, there is no condemnation nor pressure from the Obama Whitehouse on Muslim Arab nations to pressure them to help their own? So we pay to help their nations, they get great wealth from their oil and that just goes to bed their luxuries, and when Islamic terrorism comes around complaining about Western values, nobody can even point an accusing finger at these Arab nations? What kind of idiotic world is this?

Pride is the evil here, and Not the murder of Innocents?

Obama told the ambassadors gathered at the reception that the world needs to “build strong institutions to protect people from those impulses” of national or cultural pride.

What really galls me is that Obama sees the great evil in America as their pride. This pride is because they have moved from a nothing nation, a few colonies into the leader of the world. Obama does not see that as a thing to be proud of, but rather to be ashamed of. Huh? Obama is not an American, he was born in Kenya, and migrated with his parents to Hawaii, a US territory at the time. You can see this from his statements, he hates America and is jealous and envious of it. He considers himself outsife, condemning it from without.

A personal Rebuke to President Obama

I am sorry Mr. Obama, but pride of country, like celebrating 4th of July, or flying the American flag never killed anybody. The Islamic pride kills people. Mr. Obama, how would you feel if it were one of your girls that died at the hands of Islamic terrorists? Simply put you would feel less inclined to endorse this Islamic terrorism. We Americans do not take pride in body counts. In fact we don’t like them, we don’t want them. We fight if we have to, but American moral values limits war to a defined battlefield, not in civilian populations.

See your Muslim brothers and how they fight! They run into civilian populations to hide. American soldiers don’t do that. They stand at a fort or on a battlefield, and fight till they die. But they won’t hide in among civilians to try to stay alive. This is islamic cowardice. Typical Americans are not happy with anybody’s kids dying. You exalt and praise your Muslim brothers. You attack American servicemen that the worse of them are 10 times your moral equivalent.

The difference between Islamic states and America is that we (true Americans) do not pride ourselves on the death of innocents, and even in valid combat on a battlefield, Americans would rather see a battle won with as few deaths on both sides as possible.

Obamas Antichrist man

“Obama simply reflects his globalist handlers when he suggests that the solution to the world’s problems will be found in everyone’s submission to a single globalist power,” writes Patrick Wood for Technocracy News and Trends,

Here is the bottom line. Obama follows and promotes a one world Antichrist. This is his goal, and this is his strategy. He doesn’t even hide it. How can good people be for Obama? It is a great condemnation on America that Obama even got into office in the first place.