April 2022 Cox Update

April 2022 Cox Update is an update on the David and Tule Cox ministry for March and April 2022.

I wanted to update our supporters on how the ministry is going for us this March and April. In general, we are doing well with new visitors coming to the church every Sunday and our men still teaching and preaching. My health is doing better and my doctor has taken me off almost every medicine I was on. It is helping me. I am preaching the 11 AM services, and our men are still taking turns preaching the 10 AM service.

April 2022 Cox Update

Over the past few years of Covid it seems we have lost a few families. One family was driving an hour to come to church, and they continue with fears of Covid and won’t come. It is coming up on a year anniversary since their last physical visit to the church, but they were in the Zoom services and stopped that last June. We have a few other families that also have dropped out. The reasons are various but obviously they are not as committed as our other people.

Tule continues fine in her health. I praise the Lord for a godly woman like her to take care of me and be my partner and balance in the ministry. She gets very frustrated because a number of people not coming are single/divorced women, and she does the contacting for them. She gets upset at the excuses, the promises to come, then they come one time and that is it for a couple of months.

We continue with the building program to try and raise money to purchase a property, build a building, and move the church into it. It will take a lot of time, but we continue to work on it.

I am back at the computer for a number of hours each day, so I am working on my websites and the information on them. For most of them, I am putting my sermons, tracts, and Sunday School material on them. They continue to be heavily visited although they are constantly under attack. Please pray that I will fix what has been corrupted.

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