Missionary Update David Cox

Missionary Update David Cox for March 2022

My Health (David’s Health)

As I am slowly getting my medications worked out, I am feeling better and better. Of course, I am “showing my years”. I am not as young as I once was.

Tule’s Naturalization Papers

Unfortunately, this seem to be taking an excessively long amount of time. Tule’s Green Card has been issued for another 10 years, but the Naturalization papers are just not coming out.

Our Church

As per my health problems, we have let some of the men in the church which are more mature to help me with the Sunday School hour. We still haven’t returned to Sunday evening services (which is programmed to start again after April 17th). The men are doing a good job over all. Some of their sermons are a bit too much material, but they are working through it.

Please continue to pray for us. As inflation grips the US, the world follows.

Missionary Update David Cox for March 2022