Cox Prayer Letter February 2022

Cox Prayer Letter February 2022 is a prayer update on the Cox Mexico City missionary ministry in Mexico.

February 2022 Cox Prayer Letter
February 2022 Cox Prayer Letter

February 2022

Our Current Situation

As far as Tule’s immigration papers, her Green Card has been renewed, and we are still waiting on her Naturalization papers. We are in Mexico and will pick up her Green Card on our next visit for the next USCIS appointment. We won’t make a special trip back for that.

Our economic situation continues to slide as does everybody’s with inflation eating away at us. We have seen prices going up regularly, and it looks like more inflation is in store for us.

Giving Thanks to our Lord

This past Sunday, February 13th, we put out 40 chairs for our worship service. We filled 39 of them, plus the preacher, and 2 adult teachers and 5 children in the other room. We are thankful that God has given us an upturn in attendance recently. People seem to want to return to the way things were before.

My Health

My health continues to do better. My new internist seems to be hitting a lot of things right on the money. I am taking less medicine, and what I am taking is working well. I continue to have circulation problems (that is in my family history), and the doctor is giving me medicine that helps that. Both Kelsie and Russ are recovering from their bouts with Omicron. Russ’ recovery is slower. He is doing a 4-month work scholarship in California, near Oakland. It’s cold there. That Covid hit him a day after he left Orlando. Pray for their health and mine.

Our Church IBFT

I am slowly taking back my preaching times, but for now I will continue to allow the men to teach Sunday School. They have done a fine job, and I am pleased with them and their progress as preachers. I see no reason to stop them. The pressure of Covid continues heavily upon some in the congregation as they want all kinds of protections, masks, gel, distancing, etc. We are doing what we can in those regards. Tule arranged our seats with some space between them, but we just have no room for every other seat empty. Some have suggested two services. We will see about that. We continue to have new visitors.

Marta Orozco has recovered from her temporary slump in health. Most of our people are over their surgeries and non-Covid sicknesses. A lot have had the Omicron variant of Covid, and it appears that recovery from Omicron is about a month plus long. But they are recovering well.

Prayer Updates:

David and Tule Cox Mexico City                                                           February 19, 2022

Cox Prayer Letter February 2022