Cox Prayer Letter January 2022

January 2022Cox Prayer Letter January 2022 is the most recent prayer letter for David and Tule Cox missionaries in Mexico City. 

Cox Prayer Letter January 2022 is the most recent prayer letter for David and Tule Cox missionaries in Mexico City.

Our Current Situation

We thank God for working in Tule’s Green Card situation. We got the temporary permission to be out of the country for work. That was on January 4th, and the 6th we fly back to Mexico City. We continue to wait for a conclusion on Tule’s Green Card renewal and her naturalization papers though. Those who work in this say all processes are taking a lot longer. There are no Covid tests nor Vax requirements to enter Mexico, so we got back without any problems. I was surprised to find out that there is no need of a prescription for insulin in the US now. In Mexico, only hard narcotics like pain killers and antibiotics are the only meds that need prescriptions. So I got back on all my meds, but we visited the doctor the first full week we were back, and he took me off of a lot of them.

But please pray for our finances as inflation is starting to hit us here in Mexico City. God is providing by moving in hearts, but it is very troubling as it is in the United States. (Both our children are telling us some amazing stories about supermarkets and scarcity of products.) Our people here are barely getting back on their feet, and they are just starting to work again.

Giving Thanks to our Lord

We appreciate your prayers for us, and our changing situation with these papers for Tule. I still do not know what is really needed to fly into the US, and what they are just saying changes. It is incredible that they would only accept one vax type at the airport, but that is what they told us. We had a good time with our two children.

My Health

My health is much better. Some of that medicine was helping apparently, and a lot. We went to the doctor last week, and he stopped most of it. He changed some from AM to PM and that has helped with my dizziness. Also, I am noting that that happens when I take a lot of insulin, I don´t eat a lot, and my blood sugar is low. But I am doing much better now than over Christmas.

 Our Church IBFT

I am still not at the health point of standing for 2+ hours to teach Sunday School and Church. So, I have given all the Sunday School classes to our men to teach. I am taking most of the 11 AM services. Overall, I am very pleased with the sermons and Sunday School classes that our men are preaching. They are meaty and good. Some of our people are getting the Omicron Covid so they are staying home, and they connect with Zoom.

Pray for Julio’s recovery (which he is back to normal basically), Juan Maldonado’s knee replacement (walking but not coming to services), Eduardo’s heart attacks and recovery. Also, Marta Orozco has started going to a homeopathic doctor, and she is doing much better. Most of the church people are starting back to work. Pray for our evangelism efforts. Unfortunately, Omicron has stumped our evangelism efforts as some of our evangelists get it and don’t go out. Our church continues to have visitors, so please pray that they will stay.

Prayer Updates:

David and Tule Cox Mexico City January 17, 2022

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