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The Objective for Preaching

The Objective for Preaching

The Objective for Preaching
by David Cox

Objective for PreachingIt is amazing to me just how off-base so many preachers can get. There is a God given purpose for a church to exist. When you think about it, we (pastors and churches) are the work of God. God is not doing much outside of Christians, ministers, and churches. Maybe somebody can make a case that He does work outside of that framework, but for every little bit He works outside of that frame, He works thousands of times more within that frame of the church.

But we need to always keep our heads clear, and focus on what is God’s purpose for us. We can summarize the work of God (done mostly through ministers, members, and the church) as being the salvation of souls, and their edification.

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Update: Our Website Outreach

As of the end of March 2010, these are some of the details of our website. We have no idea of how many times these files are being copied to other websites or distributed around churches, fellowships, between Christians living in different cities, etc. We just have some idea of how much people are downloading off of our site. We have 100 Gigabytes of monthly bandwidth, and we have been cut off 4-5 days before the end of the month twice this year because we reached our limit before the month was out. I would emphasize that all of our material is TOTALLY FREE! We charge nothing for it, everything is complete on the Internet and people can download it, and as long as they don’t sell it, they can reproduce it all they want. Where else can you get all this free stuff in one place, all Fundamental and sound in doctrine?

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