Mexico’s President Proposes lax Marijuana Laws

This article on Mexican Marijuana Laws is my opinion and commentary on an article in the Huffington Post



Basically this Relaxing of Mexican Marijuana Laws is a continuation of Mexico’s policies from before this president. It is just an increase in the amount of drug. The issue of medicinal marijuana use is a difficult one. Basically it appears to work in some cases, bi-polar disorder, and other cancer cases. From my understanding it is not just to kill pain, but to also cure some symptoms in cancer cases.

But the truth of the matter is that anybody without the sickness can get this pass. That is what we are doing here in the US in California. While we can criticize the relaxing of Mexican Marijuana Laws, we are no better. So probably the solution here is to set up a secure place where the medicinal need (verify the sickness) can be established, and then use the drug. It is not a recreational drug, so they should administer it under medical care.

Again we fall into the same problems of laws on the books, but we walk all over them, and the government people that should be enforcing them don’t.

Marijuana Laws

If Mexico legalizes marijuana, then the Mexican government (as well as the U.S. government) should grow the marijuana and distribute it to only verified sickness people. Personally I think that they should prohibit even this medicinal use for now, and that laboratories should study marijuana, extract the chemicals that heal, and go through the FDA before distributing them. Smoking destroys your lungs, and smoking marijuana is no different. Laboratories need to study the whole thing and refine the essential elements outside of smoking it.