Hillary Career Criminal

Hillary Career Criminal

Topic: Hillary Career Criminal
By David Cox

Hillary Career CriminalAgain, another clear and substantial list of criminal activities which Hillary (and Bill) Clinton did. Hillary Clinton is a criminal. In this post I am summarizing the video and also making some comments about it. There is no doubt about it. Even Democratics are now understanding this and turning against her.

Bill Clinton has earned the nickname of “Slick Willy”, and Hillary deserves the same. He has earned that nickname because over the years, despite obvious criminal wrongdoing, instead, he has come out of it without any jail time. This does not mean he was innocent. It means that the attorneys general could not get a case against. Why? Well, there is a long trail of suspicious deaths of unfortunate people that were testifying against one of the Clintons that died suddenly closing such criminal cases.


This is nepotism, where somebody gets into political office, and they fill positions under them with relatives and friends. Bill Clinton fired those in the Presidential Travel Office and put his friends into those positions. These original people he fired had served 7 different presidents. The Clinton friends were not set to make $31 million annually. But the FBI investigated this with 5 different investigations. Hillary Clinton was the one behind the firings, and she then claimed that she had nothing to do with it. That it was because of financial misdeeds. The DOJ investigated and found that there were no financial misdeeds by the original people, and that Hillary’s statement was a “factually false statement” although she gave it under sworn testimony. She purgered herself, and got away with it.

The Clintons were forced to remove their friends and reinstate the original employees. The end of all of this was the death of the key man (friend of the Clintons), Foster. After he was killed and before the police arrived, Clinton staffers removed boxes of documents on Travelgate, Whitewater, etc. from Foster’s death scene.

Obamacare, oh, oops, Hillary Care

When Bill Clinton was president, he put Hillary in charge of redesigning the health care system, and even though she admitted that she had no understanding nor dealings with it, she took it on. (I thought we put somebody into the president’s office to either he himself do a job, or to find the best people out there to do it. In what sense was Hillary the best if she admitted that she was clueless on the thing?) What she did was under the table that even a federal judge had to force her to reveal details. It failed with $32 million for the failure. The Justice Department fined Hillary for this failure.

Whitewater Investigation

The Justice Department investigated the Whitewater Development Corporation for conflict of interest. She claimed that the key records were stolen the night Vincent Foster died. Later they resurfaced in the Clinton’s home with Hillary’s finger prints on them. Susan McDougal refused to testify and went to prison only to be pardoned by Bill Clinton later on. But in it all justice convicted 15 Clinton friends 40 federal crimes related to Whitewater.

Other abuses were discovered. It cost the US taxpayers 145 million dollars.


Hillary purchased $5000 of cattle futures, and returned $490,000, or about 100 times very quickly. Pretty good for her first trade in that area. Blair outside counsel for Tyson Foods made the trades for her, and the justice department investigated them, and the Justice Department assigned them the largest fines in the history of illegal insider trading. Why didn’t they fine Hillary? She was the one who profited from it? Bill was manipulating the Attorney General apparently.


Hillary Clinton asked the FBI about 300 Republicans to fill out her list of hate enemies. The key intermediary between the FBI and Clinton refused to actually name Hillary as the one who requested that information, and they made him resign.

The Clinton Legal Defense Fund

The Clintons created this Legal Defense Fund so that their friends could help them pay their endless legal bills. But the the Justice Department found that China had donated to it so as to influence US policies in favor of China.


China funneled millions of dollars of donations into Bill Clinton’s reelection campaign, the Clinton Legal Defense Fund, and the DNC (Democratic National Convention). The Department of Justice declared that both Bill and Hillary knew about these donations.

IRS as their Henchmen

The Clintons used the IRS to harass their enemies. During this investigation a senior IRS official admitted under oath that Clinton opponents were singled out for tax audits. They also targeted Bill Clinton’s female accusers.

Clinton Pardongate

As Bill Clinton left office he pardoned 450 people, and several benefited Hillary Clinton. These people were cocaine trafficking, kidnapping, and terrorism. These were not accused people that were not convicted, but people legally convicted of these crimes. Billionare Marc Rich was pardoned, and he was on the FBI’s 10 most wanted list. Denise Rich his wife funneled millions into Hillary’s senate campaign, the Clinton Legal Defense Fund, and the Clinton Foundation. Even Democratic ex-president Carter called this pardon disgraceful.

Carlos Vignali was sentenced for cocaine trafficking, and Hillary’s brother, lawyer Hugh Rodham charged $500,000 for getting Vignali a presidential pardon.

Rodham charged $250,000 for getting a pardo for Almon Braswell, convicted for scamming millions of senior citizens out of money.

FALN Terriorists (Puertican terrorists)

The FALN exploded 138 bombs in New York City, Chicago, and Puerto Rico, and 13 people were killed and 80 maimed. N.Y.C. councilman Jose Rivera met with Hillary asking for pardons for these terrorists in exchange for his support for her Senate race. Two days later Bill Clinton pardoned 16 FALN members. Almost unilaterally Democrats and Republicans condemned these pardons. Why did he do it? Power for Hillary.

Congress actually investigated these pardons, but slick Willy claimed Executive Privilege which sealed everybody involved from giving testimony against them.

Hillary Clinton’s Fundraiser Crimes

The law regulates very closely how politicians or potential politicians can raise money, from who they can raise money, and how much from particular people. Often they put on a dinner and charge $100 per plate with the understanding that the excess goes to the candidate’s election or re-election fund. The law gives specific rules as to who these are to be paid for and organized. But Hillary had friend Peter Paul (a convicted felon, and convicted cocaine trafficker) finance the entire event, which was against the law on several counts. Clinton stated to the government that the event’s total cost was $500,000 but when the Justice Department investigated, they found it really cost $1.5 million dollars. Hillary Clinton was fined $50,000 for breaking the law. This is the largest fine in US history for this type of infraction of the election laws.

The FBI warned Hillary Clinton not to accept money from convicted felon Norman Hsu, but she ignored these and accepted $900,000 from him anyway.

So what did Hillary Clinton do in her 7 years as Senator in the Congress? She only authored 3 minor bills that became law, such as the one that named the a post office after a specific person. But she did manage to secure millions for a New York developer who donated $120,000 to her Clinton Foundation. She did not support the bill which tried to affirm English as the official language of the United States, but she did vote for the Iraq War.

Hillary Clinton’s Senate Rules Violations

The list of Senate rules and reporting laws that she broke is very long. She hired whomever she wanted even if she broke the laws in doing so. Her most obvious actions to hide her own conflict of interests is also amazing. Senate Committee on Ethics investigated her for so many violations because of all of this.

Hillary Clinton’s 2008 Presidential Candidacy

In 2008 she faced off Obama for the presidency in the Democratic party and lost. But in raising money for this campaign bid, she again violated many laws. The middlemen that actually were her counterparts were again the ones that went to jail or got fined. Jeffrey Thompson and others pled guilty to conspiracy and campaign finance law violations.

Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State

She accomplished nothing of note in her time in the State Department. But the State Department under Clinton in these years gathered information on key politicians from among our allies. They lost $6 billion dollars due to the improper filing of contracts.

The FBI, CIA, and DOJ begged Clinton to designate the Boko Haram group to be officially identified as a terrorist group. She declined. They continue to kidnap people and extort them. 300 school girls were later kidnapped for human trafficking.

The DOJ investigated internally US Ambassadors and other personnel and their actions in the State Department, but Clinton influenced and called off the majority of them. Some of these were sexual assaults by State Department personnel in Beirut. Endemic sexual abuse by Hillary Clinton’s security personnel, drug use within the Bagdad State Department contractors, child male prostitutes solicited by the US Ambassador to Belguim, etc. Hillary claimed no knowledge of any of that, and knows nothing beyond what was reported in the media.

Commentary: Why didn’t she stop what was going on? Isn’t there some kind of moral and ethical responsibility when you are at the top, when you are the boss? And this person we are going to let enter the highest office in the land?

Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Terrorist Fiasco

In 2012, HIllary Clinton was Secretary of State at the time. She finally testified to Congress, and she said,

“… the fact is we had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest? Or was it because guys out for a walk one night who decided they’d go kill some Americans? What difference, at this point does it make?”

In this testimony, Congress asked for all documents involved. She says she gave them everything at that time. But 20 months later, she released 41 more new documents. This was because of a Freedom of Information Act was filed and forced her hand. More documents are still being withheld.

The Clinton’s robbery from Stan Lee and Peter Paul


This video details how Hillary riped off Stan Lee (of Marvel Comic fame) and Peter Paul. Paul and Lee set up a company based on Stan Lee’s comic book fame. They reached out to Bill Clinton as he was leaving the White House. Paul was a Democratic and contributed to various Democratic fund raisers.

They got a fund raiser for Hillary’s Senate bid. He raised a large sum of money for her. Hillary published information in a newspaper against Paul, saying he was not know to him personally, and that he was a convicted criminal. They disavowed that he had ever donated or helped them at all.

Within three days, they changed their tone and acknowledged that they knew him, and in turn sent him a letter asking for a $100,000 donation to Hillary’s Senate bid. But this was under a plan. A Mr. Otto (Japanese) was going to become Paul’s business partner. But in the time Paul was being accused by Hillary, they went around his back and made a deal with Otto excluding Paul. Of course Paul’s business had a meltdown of the stock, and the company went belly up. Paul spent his own money on the business.

Paul started investigating all of this, and he found that in Hillary’s public declarations of campaign contributions to her Senate bid, she omitted the $2 million dollars Paul had given to her campaign. She hid it from public records.

This is called election fraud. The Clintons lied about it to the government and public, and stood by that lie. Paul was detained while in Brazil for some reason. His civil suit against the Clintons was thrown out because Paul was now a criminal. Hillary skillfully manipulated all of this so that no judge and no jury would ever see the evidence and decide against her.

But since the case against Paul was all made up, it fell threw. The courts proceded again against Hillary, and true to form, Hillary hung her campaign manager, David Rosen instead of Hillary. He was indicted for not reporting the Paul contributions. The judge officiating the Rosen trial was appointed by the Clinton, and that judge, Howard Matz, went out of his way to make sure that the jury knew that Hillary had nothing to do with anything that they were trying Rosen for.

Election laws state clearly that the individual candidate cannot be involved in any fund raising event if what is raised is more than $25,000. The event raised $1.5 million dollars. She solicited an individual contribution by Cher, and that is also illegal. Candidates cannot solicit contributions from individuals.

Clinton Secrets

Presidents have a legal protection from the Presidential Records Act that given them 12 years with restricted access. After 14 years, the Clintons are still withholding thousands of documents. The Clinton Foundation Fund takes in money for the personal and professional aspirations of the Clintons. But even there, there are laws regulating what a politician can do. An American individual can only give $2300 to a presidential candidate, but there is no limit what foundations can give, and thus, the Clinton Foundation. Hillary cannot accept donations from foreigners, but that restriction is not on a Foundation. Thus the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation is their money laundering instrument.

“Conflict of Interest” is a principle here that states that you cannot make laws for friends, or to personally benefit yourself, and above all, you cannot receive money from somebody in order to make a law, or wipe out a law that would benefit them. Essentially they pay you “under the table” to do something that specificially benefits them.

The Clintons have used their Clinton Foundation to get this money under the table. HIllary’s presidential Campaign offices now house the Clinton Foundation offices.

For example, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pressured Moscow to buy planes from Boeing. Two months later after the contract was signed, Boeing donated $900,000 to the Clinton Foundation. Conflict of interest!

“Foreign donations to the Foundation increased by 70% when Hillary Clinton ran for president in 2008. Saudi Arabia has financed terrorists, has an abysmal women’s rights record and punishes homosexually by death. And yet, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the largest supporters of the Clinton Foundation.”

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