Are all Muslims portrayed bad? No!

Muslim Terrorists: Are all Muslims bad?

I came across this great discourse by a woman asking a question at a panel on Bengazie. The woman is Muslim, and criticizes that there is no Muslim presence in the panel.

A female panel member answered this woman in such a way that makes you want to stand up and shout! Great! At the end, she says let’s do away with “political correctness!”

Also read this article that goes with the video.

My Take on the Muslims “Danger” to the US

Maybe I am just twisted or bent or whatever, but I am missionary that was born of two American cities in Charleston SC, and I am an American. I have lived 30 years of my 56 years outside of the US. So let me just make some points:

1. Nobody HAS A RIGHT to enter the US.

If the US sees a major number of terrorists coming from a certain country, then refuse to accept any kind of immigrants from that country. The US has total power there, and it is only because of our government’s leaders wanting to play footsies with the Saudis and others for their oil that we tolerate even them. We have vast reserves of oil in Alaska, and the US will probably be the country that produces the next form of energy. We are already the leaders in converting wind energy, and we are the country that has the most nuclear reactors. Again, our leaders don’t want nuclear, so they are on a war against when it is the cleanest form of energy around.

If we go one step further, and with every new wave of Muslim terrorism, we identify people and their countries and begin deporting those legally in the US because of the links of their country with terrorism, this is exactly where the pressure should be placed. Let’s make this simple, “Muslims go back to your countries and complain and start a movement against terrorism that stops it.” Yes, they will get persecuted, but that is the point, these people do not appreciate the freedom of the US, so make them lose it.

2. Fix the Airport/Airplane security problem.

IF all the terrorists in 911 (or even most) were Arabs, then refuse service unilaterally to ALL people from Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabi, etc. Make their diplomatic people fly to Canada and cross by land and travel by car to wherever they want to go. The fact that we continue to allow people from these terrorist countries free access to our transportation system makes us a laughing stock of the world. We extend a service or courtesy to them (fly our airlines) and they use that to destroy the White House, the Pentagon, etc. The security measures are great at the TSA, but if you just look at their passport and turn them away, that would relief a tremendous amount of risk from those innocents that fly beside these people.

You say a lot of non-violent Muslims would be inconvienced? As an American living in a foreign country, I have lived, and continue to live constantly the fact that every hiccup that my country does causes me backlash in a foreign country. That is just a fact of life. If Americans are abused regularly in Muslim countries, remove the freedoms and privileges of these people in the US. Western countries need to communicate to the Muslim countries that we are fed up with this terrorism stuff, and quite frankly, if you do not show a tremendous effort to oppose Muslim extremists, and even if you do, you produce people who are violating others civil rights and life and liberty, then your liberties will also be taken away from you, and access and travel to, from, and within our country is going to be taken away from you. Continue your mess with us, and we will de-Americanize everybody we can find from your country and expell them from our shores.

Freedom of religion and civil rights have their place. But when a person violates somebody else’s rights, then they lose any rights and freedoms and are locked up. That is the way our country works. When people harbor, help, and sympathize with villians, then they also can lose their rights. Let’s force this on them, and the more we do this, these Muslim people living in the US will finally stop harboring and supporting Muslim terrorists.

3. Require nationalized Americans to be loyal to the US.

Let’s get something straight here. IF a foreign comes to the United States and wants to be a US Citizen, then he is asking (no right to be a citizen) the United States people to let him in and to be a part of the US. With people born and raised in the US, we tolerate people who are against our government. Most American people are against the President of the United States (Obama, Bush, Clinton, etc) at some time or another. This is normal. But they are not against the American way of life. When foreigners come into our country and seek to destroy, overthrow, and cause massive death and terror, that person has lost their American rights.

To fix this we need to take a really hard stance on terrorism. People who actually cause the death of others need to be executed through the judicial system. We need to make this a clear sign, cause chaos here, and you will end up on death row in a heartbeat. The right to meet, the right to speech, and the right exercise librerty are rights that the US constitution grant to all citizens. But at the same time, when people go against the American way of life and against “America” and the US Constitution, then they have crossed the line. They should be restricted.

If Obama can irritate the Tea Party people because he doesn’t like their political positions, why cannot the government do the same to the anti-American groups. In other words, no exemptions or charitable organization for them. They lose what they have, and they have pressure placed on them to stop anti-American activities. I do not mean anti-Democratic party or anti-Republican party activites, but anti-american activities.

4. Stop the free flow of young people in and out of Terrorist training countries.

There is a place for a country to restrict the free movement of its people, and when US Americans go into Muslim countries, that is where things should be restricted. These people (Muslims) are not our friends, and everybody that goes into Syria, Lebanon, etc. should have his freedom removed until it can be ascertained what they were doing in that country. Hold them indefinitely. The burden of what they are doing there is on them, not on the US justice system.

5. Enforce the US Immigration System

For all non-US born people that nationalize, there is a ceremony where they pledge alliance to the US. This is symbolic in reality. I don’t think they even do this in a lot of immigrant nationalization ceremonies any more. But this needs to be enforced. The rights and responsibilities of an incoming foreign wanting to be an American should be greater than a normal, US born American citizen. They are changing nationalities, so their activities should be pro-American, and any anti-American activities should cause a review of their status, and a revocation of their US nationality.