Openness to Terrorism their demise

Openness to Terrorism: The Lebanon Example

In the issue of openness to terrorism, this video is a wonderful discourse to meditate on. We are following Lebanon’s example. The video is a Lebanonese Christian woman that explains her life, and how Lebanon’s openness towards all people immigrating into their country destroyed them.


This woman’s sad story is very interesting. It speaks of the situation in Lebanon, She also explains Israel’s entrance into Lebanon, and their protection and work with the Lebanon. She is definitely pro-Israel. But this speech that she gave in a church in the US is very interesting. It sheds some light on the situation of how first, Lebanon’s openness to immigrates caused their downfall, and then secondly, how the Muslim immigrants took over and caused so much damage and problem and heart-break to the Lebanonese people.

The end conclusion of this is that we (the United States of American) as a people need to control our own immigration system. People come for economic benefit of living in the strongest economy in the world. I do not know if that is a bad thing or not, because at the heart of it, that is the “American dream”. But we do need to look at those coming in and once among us, they work to destroy our way of life.

At one time it was an American tradition to have a parade, or a fair, and to walk freely in the open. People had races like the Boston Marathon. Now these American traditions are being lost. Why? Because we (like Lebanon in this woman’s speech) have allowed people to come to America and destroy our way of life.

I have lived most of my life in Mexico. The majority of Mexicans are only concerned about living a decent life. They go to the US to be turned back because Mexico is a “problem country” as far as US immigration is concerned. While Mexicans are deported, and visas are limited to Mexicans, there are no visa limits on Muslim and Hindu countries. It seems as though they are flooding our country. Why? Speak to your congressmen people!