The Truth about Boston Riots

This article is my take on these events.

Truth about the Boston Riots

Let me start off by saying that (1) I am against any person losing their life because of a beating or some mistreatment. The law of the United States is pretty clear that this in itself is a crime, and those responsible should be punished. That is conditioned if there was justified mistreatment.

(2) Let’s admit something here about the police. First of all, there are abuses by some police. But equally so these people risk their life for our security. When they deal with case after case of mean people who they do not know if the person in front of them at any moment is somebody who will kill them or not, we must give them some leeway on their actions. First is the protection of themselves, and if some criminal acts suspicious, he should rightly get a smack. THAT IS NOT ABUSE! It is trying to keep control of a situation so that one does not lose his own life in doing his job.

The truth of the matter is that the police are being tramatized by the current conditions in America. What is causing this? First, the culture of rebellion, where gangs and black hip-hop, rap, etc. all glorify killing cops and hurting people. While we can get a thousand people in a march in an instant when a black man is mistreated, nobody says nothing of the rock music culture that provokes these situations (youth turn against the authority figures).

The policemen that were involved in this latest incident in Boston have not been revealed, nor what they did. So we cannot speak to whether they did anything wrong or not. But the immediate media conclusion is that they did something wrong. Let’s put this straight, when a police on the street tells you to do something, you better do it and no back talk, no complaining, no grudgingly, slowly, non-response. If he hits you because he has given you an order, you are not in your rights, you are in the wrong. Whatever happens after that is your fault.

In all of these cases of people dying at the hands of the police, you don’t see the police losing control (usually), but rather you see people resisting arrest. The law is on the policeman’s side, even though many times the police administration caves on this and disciplines the police FOR DOING THEIR DUTY.

The real reason these cases are happening

While you may lambast our police forces constantly for anything that they “do wrong”, let me tell you what is really behind it all.

I will start with a historical incident here in Mexico, Tlatelolco. This is a housing unit of 20+ story apartments (probably 2-3 dozen buildings) that housed state university students. The incident happened in 1968.

There were riots and such, and the current president of Mexico “fixed” things by sending in the army. They couldn’t get things under control so they sent helicopters with machine guns and shot students in the street. The military commandeered ambulances, using the clothes of the ambulance workers, they picked up the students, and hundreds were never heard of again, and stories circulated about them taking them out in the desert and shooting them and burying them out there.

Whether all that happened or not is not too important. The truth was that machine guns from helicopters were photographed shooting the students.

The “blowback” from that is what I want to get at. After that incident, the government egg on their face, and it was a great embarrassment for them. But since that time, the police forces in Mexico have taken on a purely passive role in society. They only respond when the situation is totally out of control, and then they only watch from behind their shields. To actually stop rioters, to stop them from looting and destroying things is just not done by these police.

What organized crime wants is a police force that is there to give comfort that “we have police”, but that won’t act against organized crime. They want a totally passive police force. This is where all of this in American is going, to force the police forces to be so paranoid about any action, that they will let criminals do anything rather than risk “an incident.”

My Recommendation

First of all, do not fall into this trap. The police forces of most cities in the US today have black cops as well as white cops. The issue is not race. The issue is a big mouth resister against the authority of the law (no matter what color he is).

Secondly, get off the race card completely. IF, and this is a BIG IF, If blacks are equal to whites, then do not demand any special treatment for any black man that is abused. Go through the legal channels like any white man would have to do. Let the family of this man in Boston that died, demand a fair police investigation, and you can even put black policemen on the investigation team. No problem. But do not demand anything that a white man would not have access to, i.e. NO RIOTS, NO BURNING OF CARS AND ESTABLISHMENTS, NOTHING LIKE THAT.

Blacks want to be treated equal like whites, then act your part! What is happening is that blacks don’t want equal treatment, they want special treatment.

Thirdly, if you want to get upset about all of this, then pressure the gangs and black youth to stop propagating the rebellion against authority culture! Police authority imposes rules and regulations that help our society function and not enter into chaos. Fight the culture that causes crime, not those who we pay through tax dollars to stop the crime.

Fourthly, for every incident where a black man runs from the police and eventually dies at police hands, and you make a riot and marches against the policemen involved, for every time you do that, do the same for every time a police is on duty and some crook pulls a gun and kills a father and husband. Where is the outrage that crooks killed a man on duty defending your rights!?!? All of this riots and constant media blitz against the policemen involved is ridiculous when the same people don’t care if an innocent policeman dies. IF ANYBODY IS TO TAKE NOTE OF YOUR OUTRAGE OVER A SUSPICIOUS BLACK MAN DYING, YOU HAVE TO SHOW TWICE AS MUCH OUTRAGE FOR OUR LAWMEN WHEN THEY DIE AS INNOCENCES IN THE LINE OF DUTY defending your rights.

Fifthly, Understand that all of this is a play to demoralize and make passive and paranoid our police forces. Notice how many times this has happened in recent years, and there is always some group that is going to start killing police. IS IT RIGHT TO TAKE LIFE BECAUSE OF AN ACCIDENT? Maybe you say it wasn’t an accident. So for true aggression, still the say question, somebody strikes you, and it is right to strike them back? Jesus said turn the other cheek, ignore it, and go on with life.

If a black gang starts taking policemen’s lives, does that justify the policemen in killing these people in the streets without due process, and without any warrant or reason? No. So get outraged when black gangs start talking like this.

In the article I read, the family of the man who died said that it would not honor him if people rioted and started destruction, killing, etc. So not even the man’s own family is sanctioning this violent reaction. Who is behind it all? The culture of violence that is being fostered among black youth, rappers, and other (white) cultures with drug and crime connections. There are a lot of “good people” getting caught up in the reactions and marching and rioting even, that are simply being played like pawns into the crime kings hands.

Conclusion to the Truth about the Boston Riots

Should there be an investigation? Absolutely. What should be the reaction once it is over (and the policeman may be exhonerated). Whatever the outcome is, we should honor the criminal justice system, and put our faith in that, and not in “take things into our own hands”. If this man was innocent, then what a tradegy to cause other people reacting in the streets to also get hurt or lose their lives because they wanted to defend or honor this man. This is not how you do that.

Who is the culprit here? Criminals. Because whether the policemen acted within the limits of the law or they didn’t, the environment is dangerous and pushed to extremes because of the criminal pressures out there. If there was less crime, more respect for lawmen, most probably these things would not happen. But there is a network of black people who are watching the news constantly, and if anything happens to a black man, they blow it up out of proportion. These are the real criminals.

I hope that the investigation of the incident reveals the truth. If there was wrong doing, that those involved would be punished. We do not need policemen who go beyond their established right and limits. But at the same time, I hope that this does not hinder all the honest adn good policemen out there from doing there job.