Overview of Our Ministry

We are missionaries serving our Lord in Mexico City Mexico since 1986. I, David Cox, am an American born and raised in Charleston South Carolina, and my wife, Tule, is a Mexican from Oaxaca. We are independent Baptist missionaries working in evangelism and church planting in the southren part of Mexico City. I have a small church of about 35-40 people.

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Our Ministry over the Years
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As you can see, we are busy people. I normally preach 3-5 times per week, besides making juniors and teens Sunday School lessons. I am pastor of our church as well as head up the weekly door-to-door evangelistic effort. In addition, I constantly hunt the Internet for Christian reference books which I make into modules and upload to my websites. From these resources, I can gather excellent Bible studies, sermons, and Sunday School classes, as well as write books and tracts in Spanish.

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We ask that you consider us for your missions dollars. Unlike many other missionaries who go off into some minor ministry making it a major concept, we are centralizing our ministry in evangelism and church planting. The majority of our literature ministry and Internet ministries are based around getting my material into the Internet, or getting resource material useful for Bible study into the public forum of the Internet.

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