Islamic Radical Terrorism

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I have dealt with this and Obama before, but I just wanted to make a point, and I feel that it is valid for a complete post all on its own.

Obama doesn’t want to associate the terrorism we are seeing by certain muslims today with “Islamic Radical Terrorism”. Is that valid? Let’s examine that.

Terrorist Mateen

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Terrorist Mateen Terrorist Mateen Commentary By David Cox Was Omar Matten really a terrorist? According to a Judicial Watch email the FBI declared Mateen was “NOT” a Terrorist. They looked into his case and came away with a decision that he was not. Rand (FBI agent in charge of the case) told me “We do […]

Obamas Unity Push

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Obamas Unity Push Obamas Unity Push Political commentary by David Cox This commentary has as it’s origin an article Obama: U.N. can defeat Global Terror,, where Leo Hohmann says the following… “In other words, all Americans should stop being so selfish and self-centered and surrender themselves to the global ‘common good,’” Wood wrote. He […]

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