Sermon: How to Know if you are dead

Sermon: How to Know if you are Dead
by Pastor David Cox

Pastor David CoxThis is a sermon that I preached in English in a Church in the United States in 2015. In this sermon I examine what is the difference between spiritual life and spiritual death.

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Sermon: What will heaven be like?

Pastor David CoxThis is a sermon that I preached in English in a Church in the United States in 2015. Note: The first 60 seconds is an update about us and our ministry. The actual sermon starts at about 57 seconds into the recording.

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Good Books: Free Devotional Books

I wanted to do a follow up on my other post about the good books available off of my website in theWord format. On this page (Free Devotional Books) you will see a listing of my devotional works…

From time to time I will be adding to this list (the above are not all the books in the devotional section). Please check my website and look on the side bar “Modules by Topic”, and there under “By Topics” area under “Devotional”.

We are slowly gathering a very good library for your spiritual benefit.

Prayer Update Oct 2016

David and Tule Cox Newsletter October 2016
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Our Support Situation

We thank the Lord that we have been getting a few more supporters over the summer. These are few, and we are marching towards our needed goal so
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we get a little more support, something increases or
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No Muslims Allowed

No Muslims Allowed

No Muslims Allowed
By David Cox

No Muslims AllowedI recently read this post on WND…

Media Silent on Surge in Islam-Inspired Knife Attacks

This article basically explains what is happening in America. But the article makes some interesting observations. The basic point of it is that Obama is hiding and downplaying all negative things against Islam which is a growing and worsening problem.

What’s going on here?

“Since the common links in most if not all these cases are Muslim or Islamophile perpetrators, bladed weapons and attacks on the neck area, I would submit that the driving force is the Islamic rubric to behead unbelievers – spelled out specifically in the Quran,” Furnish said.

He cited Sura al-Anfal [VIII]:12 and Sura Muhammad [XLVII]:4.

Furnish elaborated on these scriptures in the article, “Beheading in the Name of Islam,” published in Middle East Quarterly.

Quran 47:3 is the key scripture but there are others. (

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Islamic Radical Terrorism

Islamic Radical Terrorism

Islamic Radical Terrorism
By David Cox

Islamic Radical TerrorismI have dealt with this and Obama before, but I just wanted to make a point, and I feel that it is valid for a complete post all on its own.

Obama doesn’t want to associate the terrorism we are seeing by certain muslims today with “Islamic Radical Terrorism”. Is that valid? Let’s examine that. Is his premise valid? No it is not.

What we are seeing is Islamic Radical Terrorism, and we should call it for what it is.

They are at war with us, but we don’t seem to be at war with them. Obama and the Democratics have ham-strung the US forces (both the military as well as the CIA and FBI) into not doing anything detrimental against Islam, and he has made sure the Muslims have the upper hand. Undoubtedly he is passing US intelligence over to them. He says he knows the leaders well, but we never see who these Muslim leaders are so that we can tell whether they are moderates or extremists.

Obama should be fully investigated for his relationship with Islam, and he should be prosecuted for what he has done to America.

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Obamas Unity Push

Obamas Unity Push

Obamas Unity Push
Political commentary by David Cox

Obamas Unity PushThis commentary has as it’s origin an article Obama: U.N. can defeat Global Terror,, where Leo Hohmann says the following…

“In other words, all Americans should stop being so selfish and self-centered and surrender themselves to the global ‘common good,’” Wood wrote.

He said the world needed to work with “our Muslim partners” to “push back against hateful ideologies that twist and distort Islam – a religion that teaches peace and justice and compassion.”

“We will defeat these ideologies by offering a better vision of development and economic progress,” Obama added.

So in Obama’s mind, the evil here is Americans and America in being selfish and self-centered. What is this “global common good”? Kill all Americans and Westerners?

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Obama-Clinton Terrorism Support

Obama-Clinton Terrorism Support

Topic: Obama-Clinton Terrorism Support
By David Cox

Obama-Clinton Terrorism Support. I think that the biggest lie that Obama and now Hillary Clinton have perpetrated on the American people is that somehow they are “for” America and are defending us.

Comments here by Judge Jeannie Pirro are really interesting.

Obama refuses to accept that there is a hate crime, a war, being against Americans. Sharia law says anybody homosexual has to be killed. The Orlando terrorist was following Sharia Law, the Islamic beliefs.

Obama tried to minimize and mitigate the Muslim aspect of the Orlando killings. What all the recent terrorist acts was the Islamic element, and that there are Muslims who are terrorists. We are seeing a failure of presidential leadership.

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