Cox Prayer Letter September 2020

Cox Prayer Letter September 2020 is an update on our ministry and our plans to return in October to renew my wife’s Green Card.

Prayer Letter for David and Tule Cox in Mexico City
September 2020

Greetings to all. We continue with the ministry here even through Coronavirus. We continue to have all our services via Zoom online. It is difficult to preach without seeing anybody’s faces, but I don’t see much other option. Pray for us. Our church continues to grow with new members. Antonio and Maricarmen came to our Zoom meetings recently looking for a good church to attend and participate in. We have picked up about 2 other families since the beginning of the year, as well as old families coming back to us.

Please pray that we will be able to work in evangelism again soon.  I continue to print up tracts and our people are folding them. I also work in translating my tracts in some 4 other languages and post them on my websites.

We are planning on a trip back to the states to renew Tule’s Green CardWe would ask for your prayers as we try to get this done amid all the chaos in the US at present. They recently raised some immigration fees, and we need to pray for this. I have had an immigration agent tell me she needs to get citizenship and not renew her Green Card. Maybe they will not even allow her to renew the Green Card. I will have to talk in person with immigration before I know what is happening. This could take several months to get through. Please pray for us as travel to the US and trying to live up there as well as pay for our apartment in Mexico is costly. Also, pray for our patience as dealing with these people in immigration isn’t always easy.

Download this prayer Letter in PDF format:  2020-09 Cox Prayer Letter for September 2020-min

Prayer Requests. Please pray for Susana, an elderly lady who fell that sells jello cups for a living. She uses the buses to get around and fell when the bus took off quickly before she could sit down and she broke her foot. They operated on her. Jacobo is back to work now. Luis Ramos cancer is still there, and they are going to Naturalism remedies because the medical doctors said there is nothing more they can do for him. Brother Roberto Pérez who preached for us a few year back lost his wife Carmela recently (diabetes). He is close to renal failure, but he has no option but to work, so he is driving his taxi as he is able. Carlos and Claudia moved to Morelia (another state in Mexico), and Claudia, Claudia’s mom Ema, and their daughter Camila all have Corona Virus.

Personal Request. If you did not get this prayer letter by email, please help me save money. It costs me about $1 per letter I send out. If you could send me your email address ([email protected]), I can save that dollar each time I send out Prayer Letters.

Prayer Updates:

David and Tule Cox Mexico City September 29, 2020