Explosion in Pemex in Mexico City, Mexico

pemex Explosion
Pemex Explosion

Some of you may have heard of the recent explosion in the Pemex main offices in the Pemex offices complex in Mexico City. Pemex is the official Mexican Petroleum company, which is state owned.

As best as I remember, there are about 36 deaths from this explosion (up to now).

The news media as well as the official government sources are all repeating the same thing, it was methane gas build up that caused the explosion. I live in Mexico City, and we know people that work/worked in that building.

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Mexican Electoral Fraud

[firstchapter:General Overview]

First, an introduction of who I am for those coming to this page from a search. I am a missionary living in Mexico City for the last 25 years. I am not a political analyst, but I am observing what anybody here in Mexico can see. There is a tremendous controversy brewing here in Mexico over the results of this election, and truly, there is a dark cloud over the country of Mexico as Mexico tried to discern (and believe what one side or the other tells them) what is the truth of this election.

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