Mexico has a new President

Mexico has a new President, Claudia Sheinbaum. She follows the social positions of Manual López Obrador.

Since I have lived in Mexico since 1986, I am familiar with things here, and I do not vote in Mexican elections (I am an American), but I hear a lot of Mexican people talk and express their views. The election results surprised me. I would have put the opposition candidate’s support at maybe 40% if not over 50%. I actually though Xochtil Galvez may have a good shot at winning. But things are not always what they seem to be.

Xochtil is contesting the election results, but I see that going nowhere. Morena (Sheinbaum’s party, which Obrador’s party) is strongly controlling the government. Xochtil petitioned the Congress to give her the Senator job that she had before the election. That means she is not going to fight the election results very hard, I think.

But the challenge probably should be pressed. From where I am, there was somewhere between 40% to 60% of people for one or for the other. I heard that there were a large section of the counties that didn’t receive a single vote for Xochtil. That is not normal. Especially with people who do not like Obrador. It would seem that the poll counting people destroyed ballots.

What will the future hold for Mexico?

On another front, I think that we should take a serious look at Morena. Morena is a populist movement, but it is definitely socialist. Obrador has strong ties with Cuba, so he is very definitely liking Communism. Several weeks ago, there was a Pro-Palestinian march in front of the Israeli embassy in Mexico City, which got out of hand completely. They trashed the Israeli embassy and burnt it. Mexico is responsible for protecting the embassies with Mexican police and army if necessary. While this is not unusual in our day, what makes it unusual is that Mexico is not known for Palestinians or Hamas. Who knows where they got these people because we just don’t have much Middle East people here of any kind. There is a large Jewish population that are rich, but other than that, it was surprising.

But if you scratch the surface here, Obrador went to Cuba (which is a frequent destination for him apparently, rarely does he go to the United States), and apparently from the news, he made an agreement with the officials in Cuba to pressure President Biden with the illegal immigrants (turn on or turn off the flow crossing the border, whatever Biden wants at the moment), and Obrador as President of Mexico would pressure Biden to dropping all sanctions against Cuba. Cuba is in dire financial problems, as Venezuela is also. Cuba has taken to exporting their medical doctors, and there is a large number in Mexico. These doctors charge normal for here, and they work in the countryside. Of what they earn, part of that money goes back to the Communist government of Cuba to support their economy.

Some speculate that since Obrador stopped pressuring Joe Biden, the Israeli embassy thing was payback for not pressuring Biden. I think people here and in Cuba do not understand that Joe Biden flip-flopped because open borders is killing Biden with US American citizens, and Biden made a lack-luster move to stop or restrict illegal immigration in order to do better in the polls. That kind of hit Obrador in the face. If Obrador threatened to stop illegal immigration if Biden didn’t raise the sanctions against Cuba, and that slowly of illegals is what Biden wants at the moment, then everything kind of flopped.

How does Obrador think

Overall, we have seen some things here in Mexico that are disturbing. For example, the police are ineffectual in Mexico. They just are so corrupt and even the good police don’t want to risk their lives in doing their jobs, that law and order is questionable if it is even possible. But the Obrador government wanted another airport for Mexico City. The one we have is fine, but there is too much traffic. So he wanted an airport out and away from the city. So like anybody using that airport would have to travel an hour to get to it. Adding another half hour to get to the edge of the city then that hour, and from some places in the city and time of day, day of week, you would be looking at 2 to 3 hours to get from your home to that airport.

But Obrador made it anyway. People seem to not want to use. But the interesting thing about this airport is that the Mexican military constructed it, and they run it. This is exactly how Communist government officials think and work. So Obrador falls in line with Communist thinking. Note that in Mexico, the Mexican military is restricted from doing a lot of things. They have to have an act of Congress for the military to help in the case of an earthquake or hurricane.

Another thing is that instead of cleaning up the Mexican police, Obrador made a National Guard as an entity (like the United States) and they are taking over policing duties for the Mexican police which are declining in number. In Mexico with the heavy firepower of the cartels, maybe that makes sense, but for a Communist, their strong arm military is the answer to every problem foreign and domestic. To me, the Communist streak in Obrador is showing.

Regime Change from Obrador to Sheinbaum

Sheinbaum has been and is very close to Obrador. Her 6 years as president is undoubtably going to be heavily influenced by Obrador. Obrador has received criticism for this, and he has made a lot of comments about once he steps down, he will not be influential, but the more he boasts that, the less people believe him, and believe the opposite.

In general, Sheinbaum is a bad president, even before she enters one can see that. Obrador is a populist, but Claudia just doesn’t have that Charismatic personality. She has a doctorate in the sciences. As an aside, Morena is pushing abortions. Claudia has a chemical company that makes women’s creams, which, from what I have heard, uses aborted fetuses.

I do not think she will show much self will. She will act as a puppet for Obrador, and that entire movement is based in Communist concepts, like universal pay for everybody, which is a very popular idea among the poor. There are forces of rich people, and poor people, and to win elections, the candidates have to side with the poor people. Obrador has done that royally. But then you cannot give away money if somebody somewhere isn’t making it. Those people are the rich, and unfortunately, you cannot make the rich bankroll the giveaways to the poor without giving them some kind of concessions. That is where Communism has a problem. Socialism is the same. So what they give them is power. The Communist party runs things, and the Communist party is basically the rich people of the country. These two elements (rich and poor) can only walk along life’s path for a while when one takes from the other, and war between the two breaks out.

Mexico has a new President

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