Cox Prayer Letter March 2020

Cox Prayer Letter March 2020 is a prayer letter and update of things happening in our ministry here in Mexico.

Cox Prayer Letter March 2020

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Special Request

Tule’s elder sister, Vitelia, has cancer, and they have basically decided that she would not survive the chemo treatments so she is at her house. Tule just came back last week from taking care of her for 2 weeks, and this is Tule’s third visit this year so far. Please pray for Vitelia, Pentecostal, but we believe she is saved.

Our Ministry

With the Coronavirus spreading here in Mexico over the weekend (from 20 cases to over 120 in 4 days) we have decided today to suspend church services for 2 weeks, and we will reevaluate at that point. We have a number of elderly and people with other problems. Please pray for health and protection for us, and also for those financially supporting us. I am looking into Facebook video chat or something like that for services.

Our tracts distribution ended in 2019 with 67,000 gospel tracts printed and distributed. So far this year I have printed another 20,000, but a little under half of that is in the church waiting for our people to give them out, and with the crisis, I don’t  know that much will be done in that area. I have added more titles, so we have 12 salvation tracts we are distributing (more on the website).

I have been working diligently for 14-15 years on websites, and I have 32 websites now. I have about 20,000 Christian books, commentaries, dictionaries, etc. on my hard drive, and I am trying to format them for theWord, e-Sword, and MySword apps. We have about 1,000 to 1,500 on each English site, and a little less than that on the Spanish ones. This ministry will get a boost from our church not having services over the next weeks. Please pray for me. I also have other just Christian edification websites in English and Spanish.

Additionally, I have found a way to translate things into languages that I don’t speak, and from analyzing what this software does between English to Spanish and Spanish to English, I am confident that it is doing a good translation job. So I have started translating my own tracts in Spanish in French and some other languages. Also I am translating key works from our Christian library (mentioned above) into different languages. It is hard work, but I think it will reach other language and culture groups. I have a lot of Portuguese speaking people who listen to my sermons in Spanish, and they can basically understand 90%. They have written me a lot over the years. So I am focusing on French, Italian, and Portuguese. Although I do not speak any of these languages, I can understand sufficient to know what is what. Making modules for these Bible programs is second nature to me, so it is not so hard even if I don’t speak the language. I translate my tracts from Spanish to them, and then use the same software to back-translate it to see how it came across. Please pray for me as I try to get good literature into other languages.

Prayer Requests

We would ask your prayers for Connie, as she has had threats of violence. Also for Malena and Jesus as they have moved because of threats against them. Our people are finding life difficult here as the violence increases, and the police do nothing. Please pray for our young people as it is especially hard for a Christian teen to be Christian in public schools. School programs and holidays seem to fly in the face of Christianity as they are heavily Catholic. Also pray for our elderly as the virus is going to hit some. Most of our people barely make it financially as is, and with this, things will get really bad.

Our Health

While we do not have the coronavirus, we are still iffy on our health situation. Mostly just growing older (I am 61). We are trying to not go out so much these days. But I am much better than I was this past summer and autumn. Tule is down these days from going to visit her sister 12 hours away on the bus. It is extremely hot there, and the mosquitoes are very bad. Vitelia has bad nights groaning, so nobody there sleeps well.

Please pray for us.                                                  David and Tule Cox Mexico