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Dangerous Mexico 2

What causes Mexico to be dangerous?

In our previous post, we looked at how dangerous Mexico is, and we examined the cartel aspect of life in Mexico. Now we want to turn to the philosophical reasons behind this phenomena. Why are these people like this?

Worshipping the God of Pragmatism

At the bottom of all of this is pragmatism. A lifestyle and firmly held belief in pragmatism. Pragmatism is simply believing in and following whatever path would appear to work for you at the moment.

A Mexican cannot make ends meet in a small village in rural Mexico. He packs a few things and goes to the border, thinking he can sneak across. He tries and gets caught and turned back. He then seeks the help of a coyote, promising to pay a great amount of money over the next few years. “Okay sure. But I don’t have that money now.” “No problem, we will trust your word.” The Mexican is chuckling because once in the US, he will “disappear”, and they will never find me. When he missed three months of payments, his wife calls him and tells him that some men came into their house, beat her up, raped her, and threatened to kill them all. She is with the kids at her mother and father’s house. Then it dawns on him, that is why they asked for all my family members information. “No. I told them who you were, and your parents and my parents. They are all in danger.” So he starts paying the cartel.

This is the way a Mexican mind works. If a Mexican man gets in trouble with the law in the US, he picks up and moves two states over, and the same people (the cartel) that got him his fake US ID, he goes to again to get a new name and ID and Social Security card.

Whatever “works” as per the person’s understanding at the moment, that is what he or she will do. If you can get across the border, rent a house, get a job, and it works at that level, it is morally okay to do. If lying is necessary to make something work, they will do it. If falsifying documents is needed, they will do it.

Where does all of this stop? Only when the law enters in and stops things from “working” will they really change what they are doing, but their religion of pragmatism survives well and healthy. Why did the Mexicans stop using food stamps when Trump took over? Because it was mentioned that he would cross food stamps with other databases, and that would be used to find illegal immigrants. The food stamps “stopped working” at that point, and the entire en masse illegal immigrant population abandoned it for the most part.

In other words, when there IS A RULE OF LAW, pragmatism doesn’t “work” anymore, and people abandon it. Why did/still does Hillary Clinton use her charitable organization to receive donations without paying taxes on it but spends its money for luxury items for the Clinton family? Because it works. When the AG of the US is looking into charging her, they now abandon and shut down that thing because IT NO LONGER WORKS for them.

Why does the Democratic party insist for 50 years in free give-aways to blacks and minorities? Because it worked in keeping them in power. Now that the blacks have turned against the Democrats, they have little interest in pursuing them as a cherished supporter base and are turning to illegal immigrants instead. It is actually sad but yet funny to see the Black left-overs of the Democratic party flailing about without power, without privileged position within the party anymore, and neither Democrats nor Republicans, nor their black voter base is paying any attention to them, and they are screaming like crazy.

Truth is different from Pragmatism

Pragmatism takes a low view of eternal and spiritual things. Basically, it denies the existence of God and any rules or principles that God may impose on humans. If you examine the point, is it okay to steal for my benefit? A pragmatist will say yes it is wrong to steal if a policeman is standing by and will take you to jail if you steal. If you can steal and get away with it, then it is okay. This is situational ethics, in that if the situation is such that you see no immediate danger to yourself, it is okay to do a thing.

A Christian looks at stealing in a different way. Whether I can “get away with it” or not in the short run, in the long term, I have to answer to God for my actions, and I cannot “get away with it” before God’s justice, so it is better that I do not steal.

There is a moral, ethical principle that overrules what is advantageous to a person at the moment or not. Whether it “works” in the immediate short term or not, the moral principle involved forces a person to make a judgment call for or against a thing based on spiritual principle learned from God in God’s Word the Bible. Conscience also comes into play here, and many untaught people (untaught in God’s Word) still have a God-given conscience and likewise, have God’s principles instilled in them that a thing is wrong so don’t do it, or “this is what I SHOULD DO”.

Pragmatic people are lazy people who do not want to do “all the work involved” in learning the moral principles of God, and worse, reordering their life under those principles. Here we blame Catholicism which in itself is based on the foundation of doing what is pragmatic at the moment. Catholicism doesn’t teach morality to their people, but adherence to the Catholic system.

Repercussions for United States Americans

In the issue of what is the function of government, most Americans have given up any sense in the issue. They see government as a “sugar daddy” that is supposed to give them everything they need in order to live well, and in the process, they give up control of their own life in the process. This is disturbing and undermines our whole country and what it was founded on.

This is the basic difference from a Republican viewpoint and a Democrat viewpoint. The Democrats are the party of the government giveaways, with tax the rich and productive people in our society to give away things (with the Democratic label on it so these recipients vote Democrat next election, no matter whether the people actually paying the bill for it is Democratic or Republican). While the Democrats think nothing of their actions today, nor tomorrow, they incur great debts, in order to live well today. Republicans want a balanced budget and to reduce the deficit. These concepts fall right neatly into one party or the other.

I present a question. If the government gives you good things, and you are actually able to make a good lifestyle for yourself from all the free giveaways, and the same process that is involved, pragmatism, comes to bear on you against you, and other people see it more advantageous to take away your good life, then what happens?

In my younger years, I didn’t see many “rich” black people. Seems most were poor. They worked hard, and they hardly made a living at all. But when things started changing, and they started going to college and getting well-paid jobs, they “made it”. It was interesting to see Jesse Jackson’s misstep in a past election when he condemned the rich and pushed the poor should live better from the rich. He stated what he thought was the line for how much a rich person earns a year, and after that speech, his campaign kind of fell apart. His black supporters were well beyond that line of demarcation that he stated, and their reaction was, “Why should I work hard to earn something just to give a big chunk of it to lazy people who don’t want to get out and work to get ahead?” That was the beginning of the end for him.

Communism works on the same principle, take from the rich, and give to the poor. This is forced by the government, but the people running the government are excluded from those rich who have their means and accumulated riches taken from them, and they are included in the poor though they are far from being poor. They receive generously. Why is this accepted? It isn’t if it is public.

It is comical to see the Mexican government which so glibly did nothing about their population moving illegally into the United States because these people usually send a big portion of their income back to family in Mexico. The Mexican government has always lived off of oil production profits, but in recent years, these remissions (money from Mexicans in the US being wired back to Mexico) grew to be more than the oil income. Mexico even promoted this situation by giving Mexicans in the US the vote in Mexican elections, and the Mexican government promoted this.

Now that the illegals are not able to enter the US they are staying in Mexico. There is no problem for the Mexican government when these people are Mexicans, but when they are from other countries like Latin American countries or South American, or now there are a lot of Africans coming in via Mexico. These people cannot return home so they “camp out” along the border in those cities, and they have no work, no work abilities, and want the Mexican government to give them handouts like the US government is doing. No Mexico says no. So they start stealing and crime goes up. This causes a great problem for the Mexican government, and this IS A PROBLEM! So Mexico blames Trump, but Trump has nothing to do with immigration in Mexico, just the US. He is enforcing US law. So they cannot say much.

Summary and Conclusion

I think that the entire latin population has fallen under the philosophy of pragmatism, both in the culture in general, the people in particular, and in the government especially.

This situation influences the United States. Besides having an effect on our trade and exchange with these countries, the United States begins bending their laws to fit the same pragmatic framework. There is no right to liberty, justice, or the pursuit of happiness. Whatever you may accumulate legally can be taken away from you if the government so desires at its whim.

The Bible principle is to work hard and live from what you earn from honest work. That principle is ignored and made fun of. Scamming people is the way of our culture. It is highly disagreeable to me that I cannot get a straight price in the supermarket for products. I have to enter into the card system in order to get a good price. If you don’t have one of their id cards, you don’t get their best price. You have to buy one at 2 and half times the normal price to get the second one free. I know what is going on, and this is just a twisted way of doing things.

We must fight against these things with the principles of God, lived and believed in our lives as living examples of what is right. I wish that America (at least) would come to a position where it would despise anything “ill-gotten”. If somebody offers you something that is not gotten through hard, honest work, turn it down. Unfortunately, getting something for nothing is the norm in our society.




Being in a Mexican State of Mind

Being in a Mexican State of Mind

By Missionary David Cox [email protected]

It is not surprising, but people in other countries think differently than Americans. To a Muslim, it is perfectly alright to do violence in the name of their religion. We should not be surprised by that these days.

For Catholics like in Mexico, there is a kind of easy going-ness that is in both things (Catholics and Mexicans) that gets translated into not worrying about things. This is not really laziness, nor putting off really, but a lack of priority in life. They make things work even when life doesn’t hand them things in an easy, orderly, laid out fashion.

For example, they need work, are starving to death, so they want to get a good job in the US. They go and apply for a Visa, and get turned down. Then they just go to the border and try to cross, and the immigration people turn them back. They hang the border for a while talking to other Mexicans, and they find somebody that can get them across, so they do what they have to do in order to accomplish what they want. Continue reading Being in a Mexican State of Mind

Dangerous Mexico 1

Most people don’t really understand just how dangerous Mexico really is. They may go to Mexico as a tourist, and basically not run into any problems, and everything is fine. But the truth of the matter is that Mexico is a dangerous place. In this blog I want to outline some of the dangerous areas of Mexico, and also I want to reflect on why Mexico is dangerous, the cultural elements that attribute to that danger. These things are appearing in the United States, and this is very alarming.

Note that I am not just “talking through my hat”. If you check these articles, you will see that worldwide, Mexico is recognized as being dangerous. Continue reading Dangerous Mexico 1

Mexico City Megacity

Mexico City’s population is around 40 million. Most people estimate only the actually city, and not the surrounding state of Mexico that is just as much city as the official “city”. The quality is not the best here. This is like a documentary of megacities.

Are Immigrants Stealing American Jobs?

I don’t necessarily agree with this girl, but it is an informational video from her point of view.

I think that the US should open their border legally to more Mexicans, and much more than any other country. Mexicans rarely take high paying jobs in the US. Yet Chinese, Japonese, Indian, etc. people get the special privilege visas and green cards and visas, and the Mexicans get slammed basically.

The truth of the matter is that the majority of Mexican immigrants to the US work hard, get fed up with the expensive lifestyle requirements of the US, and turn around and go home on their own. Many stay. But they basically want to become American citizens and fit into the US culture and country. They are not importing Shariah law, but just a good work ethic.


Why walls won’t secure the US-Mexico Border

This video is actually kind of mocking the idea of a border wall. But the girl here gives you some ideas of what is going on with the border wall and the border in general.

I would make mention that she is factually incorrect about not apprehending any terrorists along this region of the country. On the Mexican site, the US DEA has identified camps where they think there are Middle East Terrorists basing in trying to get over to the US. Also in Juarez, there has been some Middle Easterns detained.

Mexican-United States Border Tunnels

Mexico United States Tunnels


Another thing this particular story didn’t hit on much is the narco tunnels between Mexico and the U.S.

(Here is another video from CNN Anderson Cooper walks through one of these tunnels.)

  • Cartel smuggling Tunnel discovered under Mexican Border – “There have been well over 200 tunnels discovered along the U.S.-Mexico Border used for illicit purposes since 1990, Breitbart Texas previously reported.”
  • Nearly 70 Mexican Border Tunnels discovered in 5 years – “The GAO also found there were 534 detected ultralight aircraft incursions and 309 detected incidents of drug smuggling that involved small fishing vessels. ‘While these methods account for a small proportion of known smuggling, they can be used to transport significant quantities of drugs or for terrorist activity,’ the report noted.
  • Cartels reviving sealed tunnels along U.S.-Mexico border – “Vaughan says the U.S. should attack one of the cartel’s biggest source of finances – human trafficking…. A smugglers’ tunnel that had been shut down but left unfilled on the Mexican side was found to be back in operation in December, the Times reported Sunday. Traffickers have reactivated or tried to reactivate at least four other tunnels in recent years, most recently last month near Tijuana’s airport.

ICE Corruption

What I think most news reports skip over is the vast amount of graft within ICE and Border Patrol personnel. I talk with a lot of Mexicans that cross the border, and for some 25 years now, I cannot find a whole lot of people talking about walking across the desert.  Basically few do that now. So how do they get across?

You start with Cartels which have their people all over Mexico. An illegal wants to cross, so they put him in a half-way house for a week or so, get all the information about their family, friends, and relatives, and then they make sure it is accurate. Then the cartels use coyotes (human traffickers) to move these people across a regular border crossing point.

The cartel has people follow the ICE agents home at night, and offer them $30,000 to $50,000 dollars in cash. They just put the money in their hands and tell them to think about it. They say yes, and then when the coyote (which is known to the ICE agent) comes across the border at that ICE agent’s station, he will let the next 30 or so people cross with a Mexican library card like it was a US passport or Green Card.

(Note: The McAllen bridge crossing points, Pharr and Hidalgo are where we have crossed most of the time over the past 20 years.
Mr. Luna (focus Border Patrol agent in the video) is not one bad apple, but is a part of a rate of corruption but that exceeded that of any other US law enforcement agency… More than one agent has been arrested every month over the past 11 years frequently for human or drug trafficking.”)

“Walls don’t do you any good if you can hire somebody to waive you through it.” (quote from the end of video above)

The cartels make these people pay the $15,000 dollars for the crossing over the next year or so, and if they don’t their family pays with cut off fingers and such. Eventually death. The illegals often will pay less if they carry drugs as they go across.

It is a regular policy of the Customs Border crossing to never tell the agents where they are working that day, and they are not supposed to have telephones at work so that they cannot communicate where they are. The Coyotes have to constantly cross back and forth at the border checking which of their corrupted ICE agents are at a particular checkpoint. They also swap agents with trucks in the field and border checkpoints.

Throwing more money and building a physical wall will not stop this. When Obama’s lax policy of non-enforcement of the laws was the law of the day, these ICE agents were making $30,000 or more per week. To pass one group over, that is 30 people x $15,000 or $450,000, and they usually cross two groups per day.  So for the drug smugglers, that works out to $328 million a year per coyote.  When you consider the extreme risk of moving drugs from the border to some place in the states, and then selling it, again risking being caught or some other drug dealer stealing it, there is a lot of work and risk involved in smuggling drugs. Trafficking in humans (illegals), you get them to Houston and dump them. The only trouble is forcing them to pay. Fear goes a long way in not having to do much to get compliance.

Mexico City Lifestyle

This is a video showing Mexico City. Turn off or down low the audio before you watch this. I do not approve of the audio. But there are some real nice drone images of downtown Mexico City.

7:24 minutes
Turn off audio before watching!

One of the reasons I am including this video is because this shows both the new generation Mexican young people and what comes from the US to Mexico (young people looking for a good time). There are some pictures of “youth” partying. This is what the young people in Mexico are wanting. This is the population we are trying to reach for Christ, and this is the great pull our church young people have to resist and fight against.

When many Americans think of “Mexicans” they picture some backwards dark-skinned black haired humble man sitting under a cactus. I am assuming that the majority of these images in the video are Mexicans, maybe with a few Americans in there. We have a lot of fairer skinned Mexican men and women that basically look just like Americans. They need Christ, and yet their lifestyle is fun, riches, and pleasure. Same problems as in the United States, just different language.

Please pray for our work as we and our people face great pressures from the world system here.