Cox Prayer Letter July 2020

Prayer Letter July 2020 is an update on what is happening in our ministry here in Mexico City, Mexico during the Coronavirus.

Prayer Letter for David and Tule Cox in Mexico City July 2020

Greetings to all. We hope and pray that God is protecting and providing for all. We are doing fine. We are not sick, praise the Lord. We want to sincerely thank all of you for your prayers for us and our ministry and for your financial donations to us in this difficult time. God is providing for us as always, and we praise Him for that.

Prayer Requests.

Our situation in Mexico (as a country) is we continue to have more and more people sick with Coronavirus, and we are still in a steep climb of Coronavirus deaths. Probably the most important prayer request is that our people hang on, keep connecting to our online services, and that God protects them from sickness and provides for them. We look to God for our help.

Jacobo who fell from a second story building is gradually recovering thank the Lord. He has pins in his wrist and arm and wants them out. But he is resting at home and causing a lot of trouble for his wife from what we hear. I visit him or talk to him on the phone every week. Bro. Luis Ramos also got his last chemotherapy and is at home recuperating from the cancer spot on his lungs. Luis’ wife Lolita fell last week and is recovering.

Marta Orosco is 89 years old and is a very nice Christian lady. We visited her last week and she said a the owner of veggie shake shop outside her apartment complex found her wandering around in her bedroom slippers and bath robe one morning not knowing where she was. She lives alone. The nice guy asked the shop keeper beside his to watch his shop, and he took her home. She buys these shakes from him, and he delivers them to her door. Pray for her safety. Edgar has some serious medical problems and needs an operation as well as Cecilia his wife, but they are delaying things because they are out of work until the virus lets up, and they don’t want to be in a hospital for any reason just now. They have 3 kids in high school and Edgar’s mother Genoveva lives and works with them. They prepare and sell artichokes to restaurants, which all still closed for now.

Pray for our church finances, because we continue to pay rent (which they have halved for us for the summer). But we have a budget, and our income has fallen greatly. I have changed my role from Pastor to Santa Claus, and we buy food and give cash and distribute it to our people on a regular basis as God allows us as far as our finances.

We are using Zoom for church services, and our number of participating families are actually growing with people from different states in Mexico joining in. We had about 15-16 families when we last met in the building (about 42 people), and now we are running some Sundays as much as 22 families (over 50). I can’t explain that as we are not doing evangelism right now because of the virus. But God is good, and continues to bless our work. We still have a few that don’t have computers or telephones that support the Zoom program though. So that 22 families number doesn’t include them.
I don’t know what we are going to do when we go back into the physical building. I suppose we will have to continue using Zoom in our services in the building.

Pray for Tule and me, as we have to go to the states shortly (probably in September) to renew her Green Card or try to get her citizenship papers. This represents a great expense for us, and I doubt any of my supporting churches will want us to come speak. (No love offerings then). Please pray that we can get her citizenship taken care of in this trip. Tule’s sister Vitelia is getting worse with cancer and after we renew Tule’s Mexican passport Monday August 10, she will go be with her for a while until time to return to the states. We request that you pray for our support as things are still difficult most of the time, and we had one church drop us (they closed up in February). We need new supporters.

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