Missioncraft is the art and science of being a missionary and fulfilling the missionary task. It is truly multi-faceted and takes a tremendous amount of effort, skill, prayer, and knowledge. These articles are written by a missionary-pastor (me), and they are written for others who are missionaries, wanting to become a missionary, or wanting to help missionaries.

Please note my perspective on missions. I believe the heart of missions is when a person goes outside of his own culture and country and wins other people to the Lord by biblical evangelism (presenting the gospel clearly), and then he plants a local church which if he pastors, he builds it with the end goal of turning it over to a national worker.

Biblical missions has the idea of reproducing both individual believers, churches (church planting), and reproducing ministers. The three goals are that the new church plant be 1) self-sufficient, 2) self-governing, 3) self-reproducing. Any ministry lack any of that is deficient and not following Scripture.


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